The Kerrisdale Dojo (Vancouver 604) - 2010 Thread Season 1

This is going to be the dojo’s new thread for season 1

Map of Kerrisdale:

JUNE 6, 2010 - SEPTEMBER 26, 2010

Registering a system will get you a (5$) discount for the season. If you wish to register
your console for this season, please PM Lex and let him know what you are bringing. The
Dojo will have (3) setups, with space for (8) stations. Penalties will apply if you
register and don’t bring a station. Bottom line: if we expect to have enough stations and
don’t have them, it makes things take longer and people get less playtime. Ask questions
if you have any!

*Physical damage to anything will not be tolerated.

*Shoes go on the shoe rack and not in front of the keyhole.

*No outside food allowed. There is very little sense in getting food in walking distance
and smashing it in the lobby. It takes the same amount of time to eat where you buy!

*Drinks can be consumed and stored in the lobby.

*Keep the racial and insensitive comments to a minimum. Jokes are fine.


*Lex/Brian are in charge of the dojo.

All of the funds collected for this season will be used to reimburse any donations made.
Once that is complete, we will solidify our station inventory and work towards a streaming
laptop. After that, we will put the money into a growing seasonal cash pot.

Dojo Memberships
Season 1 Members
1 Mar Mar
2 Brian TwilightShadow
3 Shawn Zeniside
4 Navid Archer 2.0
5 Costa ShadowOS
6 Alex Lex
7 Derek Orikasa
8 Chris Rufus
9 Dave Draeken
10 Mike Wu Geogaddi
11 Terence Li WhyBee
12 Kosta koost
13 PeterM Spectre7
14 Ryan GlendaleViper
15 Shawn Knives
16 Terence Masked Rider
17 Tuan Orlind
18 Jonah Reach
19 Tony TeeQew
20 Thanh Thanho
21 Keith Thethrillisgone
22 AznPeter Xternal
23 Andy Mantle
24 Kevin Celban
25 Christian Clim
26 Jae CoolJae
27 Eric DeadFrog
28 Dom Dtran
29 Jason JurJur
30 Banjoe KingzKross
31 Glen Pooch
32 Wht Mike Tokagure Ninja
33 Jordan Yummy
34 Victa
35 Curtis Illkilla

$5 on NLII closing this thread

Bad bet

pay yo dues son

and so he appears!

so… will you be donating that 5 bux to the dojo this sunday or next? XD

PS. All 3S players, i have some decently good news, there are now 2 CRTs at the dojo, albeit they are small but will work for PS2’s to play 3S on. Yes i drove to UBC to get them -_-*

i was gonna donate $50 anyways
but sure what’s an extra $5 xD

I was thinking maybe we could use that little room behind the main area to lay out our sleeping bags and stuff because I am going to live at the dojo.

This is pretty sweet! I’m really excited that something like this is being put together here in Vancouver. I hope to be a regular visitor to the dojo and perhaps become the most competitive Fei player around these parts :stuck_out_tongue:

teeqew would like to have a word with you

I’m all ears

I approve of this.

which one of you gangsters play 3s at the dojo hmm maybe i’ll make an appearance.

i don’t approve of myself lugging them across campus to get to my car so hopefully u guyz make some good use of them.

its a tournament this week so no attendance will be taken until next week

How does this attendance stuff work? Do we pay dues or does funding come strictly from donations? Do we pay a season membership, do we pay simply for entrance to every ranbat, or is entry free?!? Let me know!

Membership per season attendance is up to you the more you come the better

so what does the attendance look like for tommorow’s tournament?

May I suggest round-robin tournaments for the season for rankings (Wins/Losses) for whoever shows up each week and then use those numbers for seeds? Or does someone else have something else in mind? I’d think it would be pretty good since tournament top 8 rankings these days are highly dependent on who gets matched with whom.

if it helps, im seeding by skill level, based on the current rankings. the format doesnt make much of a difference, and the way we are doing it now works, so i don’t see a need for a change just yet