The Killing Joke being made into animated film with Mark Hamill as the Joker

May include Kevin Conroy too (I’m betting on this one). Probably Tara Strong as Barbara Gordon instead of Melissa Gilbert though.

New Evil Dead, new Star Wars, and a new Batman animated film with Mark Hamill as Joker?

Pretty sure all feminists are triggered as fuck right now. Even if they don’t know yet they sensed a disturbance in the force.

Didn’t he say he’d come back or had always wanted to play as the Joker should some kind of animated feature of The Killing Joke is made?
And now here we are.


Fuck you been? They’ve been mad the second this shit was announced like a month ago.

While I am super pumped about this movie, I would lie if I said that I am not interested on seeing all the femitards and sjt cry and moan because they are “triggered”.

Why’d you even want to pay attention to those clowns?

Sorry if I offended any actual good-nature clowns…

Never been big on comics. Why would this trigger all the tumblrinas? Break is too short for me to Google it

It has a white woman getting shot.

It had a violent psychopath doing violent psychopathic stuff.

The damn story isn’t even about dumb-ass Barbara… It’s about the Joker and his attempts to drive Gordon and subsequently Batman over the edge to prove his “one bad day” theory.

Barbara is basically a plot device to that end, and a way to get rid of her Batgirl character, because she was never worth a damn before getting a bullet in her spine.

Yes, I’m STILL mad about Cass getting ERASED so Didididddidyyo could destroy both characters’ development to have Barb back as Batgirl…

Batgirls current comic is garbage.

Wish she was still Oracle.

It also a great origin story for the Joker. No other story never made me feel sympathy for the clown.

God I hope they don’t fuck this up. DC animated movies are usually 50/50 for me.

Batgirl being shot is a sexist attack against women cause joker never ever kills or attacks men.

It’s Bruce Timm. So rest easy.

If they couldn’t have gotten Hamill, Troy Baker is a fine substitute.

troy baker was a good joker from suicide squad, easily hamills successor once he steps down


fuck you rock just in case

Am I the only one that doesn’t like Troy Baker?

I’d rather have shitty Brent Spiner Joker from Young Justice…

Why do you hate everything.

He also came back in the super short batgirl DLC for Arkham Knight