The King has returned! The NW King of Fighters XIII Thread

Instead of re-posting everything 4 console I’m just throwing up a link for the KOF XIII hyper guide

Here is a link to the SRK hyper guide:

So that we can have another beer stand or seat for my drunk ass?

As much as I want to play this, I doubt they will get it. GW hasn’t even updated to Continuum Shift for BB, and since KOFXII is the least played cab there, there’s little to no chance of GW getting it.

Damn, now that looks more like KoF. Only 10 teams though…It sucks that GW probably won’t get this. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they replace XII with XIII.

Because looking at how great the investment was for getting KoFXII, I don’t think they should even bother with XIII. Sorry to say, but the player base is much smaller than most in Seattle.

If arcades weren’t trash in the U.S. I would be down for this, but since they are, day one purchase for me when it drops on 360.

It actually looks good, but SNK cut their own throat with 12, i can’t see many US arcades interested in this.

Peeped the videos. This game looks a million times better than KOFXII. But I can’t imagine GW getting it =[. I mean look at it from their perspective, they went all those years not getting any new fighting games, then they get SFIV, KOFXII, TvC, and Blazblue. All of which are basically obsolete now. I hope they do get it. That’d be tight, that is, if the game is actually good.

yeaaaaaaaah good luck on this one at gw

I already got a reply from Sega USA.

What kind of reply?

that Sega USA is going to send the info down to their gaming division.

Some more match vids


new video of high level Mature play


Website is up.

They were nice enough to name the teams also. So the incomplete teams are Team Yagami, Team Kim and Team Art of Fighting. I assume Vice will probably fill the 3rd slot on Team Yagami, and Takuma Sakazaki/Mr. Karate will fill the 3rd spot on Team Art of Fighting, but I have no clue who will be the 3rd on Team Kim. Any thoughts?

EDIT: The music for the teams are sounding good. Man with 11 more characters than the arcade version of XII as well as a number of smart changes, XIII looks like it will be better than XII in most every way. Although the CCs were fun…

Maybe its May Lee, or Jhun? Prolly not chang or Choi since I would think theyd both be in it…is that whole row of question marks an unconfirmed team??? It would be tight if it was orochi team so I could play chris, or even tighter if it was team kids and I could play chris and bao (<–only character I could really play really well in these games…) this prolly wont happen = / fucking bao should of been on psycho soilder.

Id prolly take this game hella serious if they got it so Id have an excuse to go to gameworks after super.


ya that cab hardly gets any action. prolly the least used outta the 4 games in that corner. not that i wouldnt love to have it, id prolly play it. but i dont see them goin for it.

Damn, only $2000 for a conversion kit? This could be possible…

I have just updated the first post with all the up to date info on KOF XIII and This upcoming weekend there will be 2 location test one in Shinjuku and the other in Hong Kong so there is gonna be a shit load of new vids and they also said that this build at the upcoming location test will be 90% complete.

I like how the theme music plays on the various team’s pages.

But for real though SNK needs to come out with like two great KOFs to make up the turd that was KOFXII.