The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match Thread

Can we get this shit on next gen please?

Man I have a big knack for learning high execution characters in SNK games.

I’m so learning both Angel AND May Lee for this real talk.

I’m assuming the console 2k2 extras might be in. King, Shingo, Rugal, and Geese for sure.

They were in the U.S. version with KOF01 bundle.

I agree with the new backgrounds, for most of the games I liked the backgrounds, 2k2 had really, really terrible ones.

Oct 9th cannot come fast enough.

I sure do hope they put the full KoF cast up until 2002. 64 Characters not counting alt versions. I can tell you getting them all on screen won’t be easy. :rofl:

PS: That’s obviously a crappy photoshop.

Imagine Guile’s Sonic Boom being a QCF motion and his Flash Kick being a DP motion (with both moves retaining the same properties).

It’s THAT bad.

Nope. KOF 2002 came out with 2003. KOF 2000/2001 came out in a bundle.

Any game that allows me to play as my girl Angel is dope with me.

Except that Heidern’s fireball doesn’t have the crazy startup, speed, or recovery of a sonic boom, and moonslash isn’t even invincible. He basically went from ‘kinda shitty’ to ‘pretty good’ when they took away his charges.

Call me crazy but…

I’m looking more forward to '98 UM then '02 UM, I don’t think there needed to be an '02 UM it’s not THAT old and there is KOF NeoWave.

'98 is a CLASSIC and '98 UM is pretty much a Gumbo of the Orochi Saga it has EVERYONE from '94 to '98

If there was going to be a '02 UM it should have waited till 2012 and have XII’s style, I think it’s too soon for an '02 UM and it’s too close to '98 UM and might overshadow it.


Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

Woops. You’re right, sorry. I knew it was one or the other. (shrugs)

…can we please, as a board, stop with this notion that people can only play one game at a time? They had this senseless idea that SFIV is somehow going to kill SF2HDR and it’s bullshit there, too.

I currently play ST on GGPO, 3s and CvS2 at the arcade, 98UM at parties, and the only thing that’s stopping me from picking up Mahvel is Calc 2. I’m not going to get Super AIDS if I play more than one game at time.

I will say this, 98 has a better engine than 02 and 98UM will probably be better than 02UM even if it has then entire cast from 94 - 02. That doesn’t mean 2k2 wasn’t great (balance issues and all) and that I won’t love playing 02UM.

And what’s the point in waiting for HD KoF02 when KoF XIII is right after the next game?


Kof2002 is my favorite kof eva, so a remake sounds :tup:

Maybe im the only one who is waiting to see this game on Arcade platform (Type-X2 i guess), KOF98UM and KOF2k2UM on the same local is godlike to me, but is just a hopeless dream.

anyone complaining about Heidern losing his charge properties probably only played the game for a few minutes [which I can’t blame you for] or has only watched videos. It’s really not that bad and there’s leagues of other characters better than him in that game anyways

Iggy from MMcafe translated an interview with the producer for this game (and another one with the KOF XII producer posted in the KOF XII thread).

Good to know that the old backgrounds and music will be scrapped. And it seems that the Eolith characters drama was true since the producer can’t say for sure if they will be in the rebalanced version.

Hmm… I’m really hoping they put in something similar to Neowave’s 3 “grooves;” i feel like that was one area where it was without a doubt better than just 2k2’s max mode

Looking good so far for SNK. No crap tracks please.

That sucks about K9999, Angel and I’m assuming May-Lee. It’ll be a shame not to see them in the final product (or at least the latest revision), since they were one of the few good things to come from Elioth. But if that’s the case, I can assume that the new KoF dream match will not include them as well. Then again, Angel in high-res might have been to much awesomeness for one game to have.