The King of Fighters '94 Re-bout

new king of fighters coming in Q4 of this year. looks like this is the only 2d fighter on xbox thats not a port (xbox only) :wow:
xbox only ussaully means they take advantage of the hardware, and thats seems to be the case this time since they have tournament modes online :woot:
lets hope they go even further

Re-bout is out on PS2 also.

Its a fun game although the gameplay feels a little dated. Im looking forward to the Xbox version for Live play :smile:

really? wtf… it says xbox only on the box art… maybe they just did that cuz of some extra features :confused:

correct me if i’m wrong
but i believe the ps2 version is online as well
it’s already out in japan and you can order it from

No, for here in America its “Only on Xbox” because the PS2 version probably won’t happen here.

That game looks hot! Is it using the Atomiswave to achieve those visuals?

I’m sold!

ooooh ok, that makes sense.

i’m pumped for this game and also
kof neowave, which is the first kof game used on the atomiswave.

ps. nas is the shit, his song “rewind” is the most creative song i’ve ever heard

i like the art, anyone no who the artist is?

even though its all upgraded its still kof94, and i dont really like 94. fuck the god damn 2k2/2k3 and neowave will never come out, i need snk fighters.