The King of Fighters Another Day

Got this from though i saw it in another forum before It seems the eps will be shown 'MONTHLY!'
Episode 1 is gonna be aired at Golden Time on 2nd of December
Episode 2 is gonna be aired at Golden Time on 6th of January
Episode 3 is gonna be aired at Golden Time on 3rd of February
Episode 4 is gonna be aired at Golden Time on 3rd of March

OK WTF is the going on here?

Seems like it’s one of those “pay-per-view” services…

I’m guessing though.

Actually, do your homework. It’ll air in various channels. Some will air everything in the same day, some will show each episode by itself. It’ll be available on the web, too.

Sounds good.

**but man doing the work myself would defeat the purpose for me even coming to this site. i come here to reap the benefits of others hardwork and knowledge, not waste my on time being productive… no way!

ABASI!** :badboy:

But if you do your homework you can reap the benefits earlier…

For example…if you do your homework you can find out stuff before many others find out about it…before it becomes mainstream…and stay a step ahead of the pack!!

But that still requires you to do the work, which cuts into the time spent gaining the benefits of other people’s work. Vicious cycle it is.

ok, clearly I haven’t done my homework but will it be available on the web officially? or do you mean via ‘other’ means.

really looking forward to seeing this!

why would you use the term ‘homework’ when refering to looking up anime release dates? Why?

Not knocking on anyone’s knowledge though, it’s just that the expression sounds funny to me…

On Topic: any sort of online availability off the bat means that we’ll get that shit subbed and pirated reeeally soon. good.

Woah easy there ppl! If anyone wants I’d be happy to link them to where they can DL it subbed, but don’t tell anyone unless I sa y so >> << Wears Q mask & hat and Dash Attacks outa here!

OK, a RAW is out, and…it’s 7 minutes long…since didn’t say anyhting about posting it, here it is:
Click me
That’s the RAW, if anyone can gimme translations & shit I might be able to sub it.

Actually, the RAW has been out for about a week. But it was posted in the KoF section; so nobody really noticed.

I’ve just been waiting for a sub.

Now that is appauling. I expected a typical 20 minute episode, but you can’t get into something that’s 7 minutes long!

It was good, but the fact its that short is somewhat annoying since it barely starts getting into anything.

Well, Mai is in it… that’s cool I guess. Mai shouldn’t have anything to do with main KoF story though. So this is like anime of Maximum Imact?

If they’re all going to be 7 minutes then what’s the point?

So is this a complete sidestory or fit somewhere in the KoF story? It LOOKS (notice I say looks because I don’t understand Japanese well) like it takes place after XI because…

Iori doesn’t have his flames. It looks like Iori forgot he doesn’t have his flames. Just guessing because I lack understanding the Japanese language.

It seems he just didn’t need them to defeat Soiree, so why making things complicate if you don’t need to.^^ After all Iori seems to be stronger anyway.

However, even if it was short and the story nonsense, it was still cool. Glad to finally see something like a KOF anime series. I can’t wait until Terry shows up together with Rock …

**those short star wars anime films awhile back where only 5 minutes and action packed i enjoyed them. beside they will eventually release it in full.

ABASI!** :cool:

Yeah but Clone Wars wasn’t 20 minutes TOTAL, where as this KOF mini series is going to be 28 minutes total

An episode spanned over 4… man what is the point?

damn, it’s clearly just hype for MI2.

So i hope they at LEAST include them all in the game…it’s the least they could do, ya know…

EDIT: L:rofl:L@ iori’s hair.

Also, can anyone with japENSE knowledge give us a rundown of what they’re talking about?