The King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2- "The door has been opened..."

Well in case you didn’t know yet, the KoF MI2 site is finally open with profiles for Nagase, Luise, Iori, Kyo, Billy, Kula & the Meira bros.
Official site
OK, in the characters section you can view some of their moves & from what I see, the characters will most likely have altered/improved versions of their 2D moves, like Iori finishind his :qcb:+:p: into his :hcb:+:k:.
…and yes Nagase is a Ninja Computer Geek…

Can you now safe-land/roll recovery when swept?
Is Seth still white? He was black in the 2d games.
Will it be tooled to be more like the 2d games?
If they dub this shit when it comes to America, they can close the damn door. The first game was sub-par, with it’s terrible gameplay. The dubbing made it unplayable.

Nagase is Hanzo style…?

yeah i was 60% set on getting it but u reminded me of white seth, if he’s still white then it’ll drop to 20%

nothing wrong with him being white but still it makes you think why did they change him? its sad really

‘closes the door’

It looks like the chain combos are kept, and they added parries to this game, based on the gameplay videos that have been shown. They showed Terry and Rock parrying some things.

Seth’s been black and white in the 2D games as well, though I think that’s more of an Eolith thing. As for the dubbing I doubt they’ll make that mistake again, as they got reamed for it- and this is the only SNK franchise that sells even decently in the US.

well hopefully the game won’t suck this time

nag can whoop and your ass and hack your cpu! :o ZOMG!!! ultmut pwNAG!!! >_<

If Seth is white again, then I want Black Joe or at least Black Ryo.

Also what is up with SNKP and the ninja love they have been showering in these games? Its like every game a new ninja is introduced.

I hope the english dubbings are still in because thats all Max impact 1 was good for.

Hahaha… such good laughs…

For some reason I never bothered to realize Seth looked white in MI.

Also am I the only one thinking just what we needed was another KOF game for Kula to dominate. bleh

but yeah, hopefully they got it right this time around…

Anyone want to venture a guess on who the 16 remaining slots will be.

Lol. Fruious Fandango! LMAO. At least Ralph sounded good.

What is it with you people and dubbing. I quite sure it’s just as corny in japanese, you just dont undersand it.


Quite a different issue when it comes to fighters (in any other case, I don’t care), where you’ve come to expect them to sound a specific way but instead have to listen to “FURIOUS FANDANGO!” or “BIG WEDNESDAY!”…

No, because I agree…

Either way, now I actually have an excuse to buy this (assuredly) crappy game when it comes out.

With each game Kula comes ever closer to taking Athena’s place in my heart and team list…so cute. Too bad she’ll probably have like 8000 infinites or something like that.

I’m sure it is. But nobody would care if fighters’ moves were in English in the first place, but those aren’t the voices we’ve come to know for years on years. That’s why people don’t like them, so GTFO with the anti-Japan garbage.

What’s the ETA on this game?

im anti-japanophile not anti-japan

“OMG pleece i needz da japanese voice overs because i kant undurstand them better!!!”

It isn’t.

It’s not what they’re saying, it’s the american acting that is that extra-shitty.