The King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2- "The door has been opened..."

Yet, it sounds wonderful to some people hearing a Japanese voice actor speaking broken English like “Busta Wooloooff!!”:confused:

Actually, it’s “Bustah Wooroof”, which sounds like Bustah Wolf, so there’s no problem. The prob is when you get some anglo in there, and he does the sample as…“caucasian” as possible in a retarded gameshow host voice. “Buhsterrr Wuhlf!” “Rising Tackllllle!” etc. It’s just off and gay, compared to the original vocals. And I sure as hell am used to hearing “Ha-oh Ken” instead of “Dragon Flash-Bash!” Japanese take voice acting WAY more seriously than americans, cuz the voice actors over there can become famous, and get fuckin PAID, unlike here, where they just become well-known. There’s no incentive for american voice actors. Some do a good job, and most don’t care, and have no incentive to. Nobody wants to hear their sorry asses doing voices for a game that has been in japanese since day one, and with better voice actors. That shit kills the game…almost as much as shitty gameplay.

Um. Half SF3’s cast is speaking in English. Plus, the marvel series used great American voice actors, too. So I think American dubbing has pretty good chance.

Oh yeah something I forgot to mention:
Japanese release date is 27-4-2006, dunno about USA, but check E3 for that.
Also regarding secret characters-
There’s a big debate on whether there even ARE secret characters, I for one think there will be.
IMO this game will fix MI1’s problems, but might have problems of it’s own- HOWEVER!
Look at SamSho Tenka, NGBC & KoF XI- just seeing what SNK have done in these games gives u hope that this game might be one hella of a game.
…and since when was Seth white? He’s always been dark skinned to me :?
One thing I’m hoping they’d fix in this game is the OTGs & wall-bounces…seriously.
BTW Nagase>Hanzo Hattori, I don’t see Hanzo sit on people on slap their asses!

Is Alba still top tier?

Whatever. I’d rather play a game in my native language rather than a foreign one. Only exceptions are games such as Tekken & VF, since the language/dialogue is based upon the character’s race/origin (which makes more sense & is more believeable) mostly in English & Japanese.

Your comment about voiceacting affecting gameplay dramatically (especially for a fighting game) is straight hogwash. RE1 had some of the worst in-game dialogue & yet the game (to this day) is labeled a cult landmark. Why? Because (in the end) the gameplay is what spoke the most.

Also, the comment about Japanese voice actors being more serious than Americans, more misleading information. Japanese gamers were literally importing the US version of MGS1 (ps1) because the Japanese voiceovers sucked in comparison to the American counterparts. Even Hideo Kojima himself has preferred the American voiceovers of the MGS series as opposed to the Japanese ones. The Japanese versions (while good) couldn’t hold a candle to the American ones in the voiceover department. The same applies for some other series as well. So that basically puts your argument to rest.

Case in point. I prefer dubs. If I wanted to hear voiceovers in a language that’s not my own, I’d import the game or movie. Nothing anyone can say will ever change my mind or alter my viewpoint. IMO, there should be a voiceover option in all games/movies, so everyone can be happy. Just because you prefer Japanese voiceovers, doesn’t make it the rule. I dare you to go watch Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (in English, of course) & say that Americans suck at voiceacting or aren’t as grand as the Japanese.

Does anyone happen to know what Kyo is saying when you do his 236+P x 3?
Even when doing it slow, it makes no sense :confused:

I just hope they tweaked the engine and 80% combos aren’t so easy anymore. Anyone here, who remembers the K’ and Kyo madness …

I also hope Terry or Rock may gain some interesting new moves.^^

Whatever, only time will tell the truth.

Man, that’s Res Evil. That shit ain’t a fighting game, where emotions are high all the time. That’s some horror movie shit, and you see acting like that all the time on Sci Fi networks movies. Get into trouble, stupid onle-liner. Get out of trouble, meet with buddies, say some more lame hackknee’d lines. That’s the standard. That was applauded cuz it was JUST like the acting in b-movies. Fighting games and rpgs need a higher quality of dubs. Imagine if people were busy spouting stupid shit in every major and well-remembered fight in martial arts movies, like The Transporter, or Jackie Chan’s Who Am I?. That shit would turn an awesome fight into some silly shit. Ever heard a dub you didn’t like? I’m guessing not. Nodbody who prefers dubs has. As long as it’s english, it’s good enough for you folks, no matter how childish the dialogue, or the ridiculous mispronounciations of characters’ names when some or all of the other VA’s are pronouncing the name right in the SAME dub. I never said they all sucked, I’m trying to say the dubbing sucked any emotion and sense of aggression out of the first game. In a fight, people aren’t yelling and trying to sound goofy, their voices are charged with aggressive emotions. In the dub of this game, it was obviously a bunch of goofballs standing in a recording booth saying the phrases as fast and in the most silly manner they could.

Isn’t VF one of those games where all the Westerners speak English and all of the Asians speak Japanese? I don’t see how that’s more believable or makes any more sense. How are you going to deride other people’s opinions as “hogwash” when your own position is just as rooted in gut-feeling aesthetic preference?

That’s not really that great an example, the terrible translation is actually a factor in its popularity. When REmake came out, did you wish they’d just left “master of unlocking” and “Jill sandwich” in there? I did. Who remembers “you spoony bard?”

Most of my friends who like the RE games think both the voice acting and the gameplay (best control scheme ever!) are garbage on their own. It’s just a matter of how everything comes together.

Let’s see here, it’s a game set in America, starring a cast that, while not on the whole American, includes no Japanese characters, it’s supposed to be reminiscent of American action movies and its cast includes voice actors who’ve been doing cartoons since at least the 80s. Not too shocking.

Let’s say an American developer makes a game set in Japan starring Cam Clarke and David Hayter as members of the Shinsengumi or some shit. Great actors, right? But let’s say it’s released around the same time in Japan, starring Wakamoto Norio and Yamadera Kouichi. Which do you think fits better?

Shigeru Miyamoto preferred the English voices for Starfox 64, what’s your point. I don’t see how you can put this argument “to rest” if you know anything about voice acting in America and in Japan. It should be pretty obvious that Japan has a larger talent pool because there are frankly more jobs to be had, we simply don’t produce the same volume of cartoons, drama CDs, video games etc. Whether people know it or not this is basically what they’re talking about when they say voice acting in Japan is “better.” It’s not some kind of fanboy cockriding, America is simply a hotel snack room with a busted Addams Family, Super SF2 and MK4 while Japan is a multi-floor arcade with six rows of head-to-head cabs and weekly ranking tournaments.

I definitely agree that there should be an option to select the language track (I don’t know of anybody who would condemn an optional dub…) but I don’t see the point in trying to prove people wrong over something that you yourself think is a matter of preference, especially when we’re talking about Maximum fucking Impact here. If you’re seriously going to argue those voices weren’t a two-minute slop job then I would suggest you get your ears cleaned…

Of course, I feel the same way about most of the KOF series in the original Japanese.

How about we talk less about stupid dubbing that doesnt fucking matter and more about MI 2.

So you want us to talk about a game that doesn’t matter?

Last I checked the topic was MI 2 not lets talk about dubbing in FG when it doesnt make a shit. If you dont like it leave

Didn’t listen to a damn thing I said…most folks don’t give a fuck that they can’t understand it, they give a fuck cause it’s not the originals. If the originals were in English, Swahili or German, we’d want it like that…it’s continuity. Time_Stop nailed it anyway, they managed to further fuck up what already sounds weird by changing it around.

As for the game itself, I’ve got hope. We did get graced with KOF XI, after all.

EDIT: I saw your post jae, but it had to be said. With that, I’ll talk about the game now. :lol:

So…who’s actually confirmed for this game? Are the only definite ones Kyo, Iori, Luise, Nagase, Alba, Soiree (sp?), Kula and Billy? Or are there a few others already that just aren’t on the site?

EDIT: After looking at the screenshots: Leona, Mignon, Terry, and Rock as well, I guess.

DOUBLE EDIT: And in Falcoon’s development diary there is a sketch of Chae Lim and one of K’ (I think).

Ralf and Clark are in it as well.

I still stand by everything I’ve said. All I’m saying is that dubs aren’t as bad as some people here try to make them out to be. So because it’s not the originals makes it bad? BFD. If I had a dollar everytime someone tried to put down a translation because it wasn’t the originals… Do you know how many American games & movies have been dubbed into Japanese? Besides, MI has an option to select the voicelanguage of preference, so what the hell’s your argument.

You said Miyamoto preferred the American voiceovers, so you’re basically admitting that American voice talent’s good. Thanks for proving my point.

Chances are, if you’re going to be so bitchy about something so nonexistant such as voiceovers in a fighting game, then expect alot more problems with the game other than dubs. So get your eyes checked & stop trying to flip my words around you Japanophile!

Edit: The only reason why I’m responding to these post is because some people here try to make the biggest deals out of nothing. As if MI 2’s main aspect/selling point are the voiceovers & not the gameplay (or any game for that matter). It’s a frickin fighting game! Not an anime soap opera.

And everyone else’s point in here was that the MI dub was horrendous. I’ll take nonsensical Japanese phrases with actual feeling behind them done by the people who have (almost) always done them than nonsensical Japanese phrases translated into English to make them sound even worse being said by people who are obviously not well versed in how anime/manga-style martial arts special attacks should be said. There are some good dubs out there, I’ll admit it. But that wasn’t the argument this time.

And the original PS2 version did NOT have a VO option, only the X-Box version(which, mind you, was an update).

As for making a big stink over the VOs, would YOU continue to play a game if every time anyone said something you wanted to render yourself deaf? Not everyone plays with their own music on/no game sound. If it was a nonexistant issue, then the makers wouldn’t bother hiring the voice talent to do the game, all you’d have are generic grunts and hit SEs. The voices may not be the primary point, but there’s a good deal of people who would be turned off to the game if this part was done incorrectly.

Oh, and that same X-Box “Exclusive” is coming to PS2 in a few weeks.

Tell me something I don’t already know. Obviously, when I said there was a voice option in MI, I was referring to the Xbox version. Now that it’s coming to ps2 (as I’ve already mentioned in another topic) people so turned off by the dubs in the original should have nothing to complain about.

One minute people are saying that it’s not the because the voiceovers are American, but yet they aren’t the originals. The next, they’re saying it’s because they didn’t like the dubs. What’s the real deal? Make up your minds. There were alot more problems with MI aside from dubbing. I assure you.

BTW, those Japanese voiceovers which you consider grand. Guess what? Alot of them sound like crap to the Japanese (& they’ll ultimately go for a dubbed version). Why? Because since they can understand the language, it’s not as enticing to them as if they couldn’t. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the voiceovers are crap (in MI’s case). So just as we have people complaining about American voiceovers, the Japanese are doing the same with Japanese dialogue. See how this works?

Besides, the chances of SNK including a language dialogue option in MI2 as with they did with Maniax are high. So what’s the big deal? The only reason why people are complaining about MI’s voiceovers is because they aren’t used to hearing them in English (in a KOF title). That’s it. BFD. I don’t know about you, but I don’t buy a fighting game to listen to fancy voiceovers, I buy it for the sheer gameplay itself. The KOF games were never high budget, so why should they have high budget voiceacting (& I’m not saying they’re bad either) in either English or Japanese? If voiceovers bug you to a point where you don’t like a fighting game, then (plain & simple) don’t play it.

Now please (for the sake of the thread) no more arguing on this issue.

SK dont make me hit you over the head with a very large trout.