The King of Fighters Neowave 2 Thread -

apparently SNK has asked Kaoru (the winner of this year’s KOF XI Tourney at SBO) to beta test KOF NW 2. i wonder if we’ll see a young Krauser (or maybe even young Mr. Big)!

post your thoughts.

What exactly does “Neowave 2” imply? The first game was just a gimmicked up 2002, which I can’t imagine them doing again. Is Neowave now their dream match series or something?

yes it looks that way.

I dont expect neowave 2 to be as bad as nw aka 2k2 on crack.

Pretty funny they’d keep the name Neowave, actually, given that it was just a portmanteau of “Neo Geo” and “Atomsiwave,” and they’re not even using the Atomsiwave hardware any more :confused:.

yes that is true, its quite early in the day so they can change the name if they want, but I guess neowave is another kof franchise so they might just stick with it.

I dont even no what board their moving to next, hope its something good.

Speculation is the Aurora.

Last I heard, they were going to do more Real Bout games. Could be they are doing Real Bout 98, and just calling it Neo-Wave 2.

What hardware are they using ?

See above post…speculation is the Aurora board they are using…

Yeah NeoWave 2 could be 98 Reloaded we’ve been talking and speculating about that at GC.Net.

if not what would they do??? Would they base it off 2k3 and then spice it up a little?

No need to touch the XI engine for now that game stands alone by itself…use something else like 98 or something else…

And use it as a test for new

Ah yes that makes more sense they did say they were doing an 98-rebout, I was expecting that too be home port only but who knows.

Yes true this could be the 98 rebout…after this game gets remade it will be time for another Dream Match bc they will be out of them to remake!!!

I dunno…if not a “98 ReBout”, they could always just re-release XI on the new arcade board with some obligatory fixes, PS2-exclusive chars, and possibly other fan fave characters thrown in the mix. After all, why else would they choose to invite a tourney-winner to beta test a game? Possibly so that perhaps the guy who knows the game inside and out could better ID the glitches, bugs, and gameplay balance issues for the “upgraded” release that will be shelled out before the genuinely new game that will be released in another year or so…

Still…I’m hoping that SNKP will actually be working on something completely new. If not that, then at least a good re-vist to the likes of Fatal Fury: Real Bout, MOTW or even World Heroes is in order…:wgrin:

But see XI already does have some extra PS2 characters…so thats where I think it would be better if they re-did something else…

Obviously people can see SNKP has more money than they have had in a while…

And they are using it…they aint sitting on their asses.

english trans?

There is one at “the other site”…

Go there for details…its there I posted it myself…

This game is obviously going to be worthless unless they bring back the USA Sports team.

Man, I would love to see the sports team again.

Any info on the Aurora board? Is it made by Sega? 2D Lindenburg action would be awsome, but I don’t know enough about this shit to know if it’s even possible. :wonder:

Yes its just a upgrade to the AW…Elvis_a_presley posted a lot of info on it in some thread I foget…maybe its the garou densetsu archives…also yes it is made by Sega…many say they shld just use the Naomi…