The King of Fighters: NeoWave Thread!

Well today is the day (or tommorow as some have said) at fucking last!!!

Anyone shed some insight on this game? - am I right by calling it as 2K2 with GOOD netplay?

netplay? I don’t have an xbox

anyway I just got a ps2 import copy and looks a lot of better on console than on arcade I have to say. The feel is mostly like 2k2.

Picking this ish up this weekend. Can’t wait to play online.

Shit - good luck even FINDING the bitch!!!

I’ve been told by a few spots that it’s online order only and a few spots said when they do get it in - they will only have one or 2 copies for sale besides what they order for preorders :sad:

Yeah, but the differant styles and HEAT mode add enough to the game to make it more fun, if you ask me.

What’s the game launching for in the US, anyway, price wise? If it’s ythe full price of $50, I’ll hold off, I can always jsut snag my friend’s import copy again until it drops down to $30 or something.

Twenty bucks brand new.

Now for some gameplay shit:

DON’T PLAY K’ IN GUARD BREAK MODE!!! His GB attack has shitty recovery and you can’t link any of his specials after. In fact, don’t play K’ at all.

Other than that everyone is pretty much in their 2k2 version.

…$20? Hell yes

Well, I’ve unlocked Rugal, Kusanagi, and Seth. Where the hell is Angel and May Lee? I didnt play through 52 people in survival for nothing!!

Dude - no more Eolith chracters, I thought you knew?

May Lee
Candy/Foxy whoever that bitch was in '01

Long story short, if they came out in '01 they ain’t there anymore nor will they EVER be back.

The console version of Neowave has Angel and May lee last i heard

Hold R1 over Kula You play as Angel


Now how do I unlock her! I assume May Lee could also be in the game too. The only one that definitely wont make it back is K9999 because of some conflict with the Akira people or whatever.

To the above guy: you still have to unlock her somehow…

Ah - I stand corrected then!

yo i went to every game shop in atlanta they said it a import only :wasted: is there a way to buy it online don’t forget it’s on X-BOX not PS2.

does it come with a Xbox Live trial card?

heh, i have 2k2. is this game worth it?

NeoWave = It PLAYS like “KOF 2K2 Turbo” lol (i.e. it’s 2k2 but better) with better Netplay then the already damn near perfect 2003 and it has KOF XI level graphics.

The only thing about NeoWave I don’t like is it LOOKS like “Muganized KOF '99 Rebout! - Now with the Old SRK font!!!”

Wait - so in the US it’s being released on the Xbox only?