The King of Fighters NEST

Have you guys heard about this game? Its already up for pre-order at

Shit’s been delayed for a bit now, supposed to be out last week. Damn SNKP.

They’re trying to put all versions of the games (99, 2000, 2001) into the collection - meaning arcade, Dreamcast, and possibly even PS1 / PS2 versions! Crazy SNKP.

Ironically enough I won’t get it - my Dreamcast versions are just fine.

never did like the nests saga. Didnt like the story nor the striker system. Though I will give it credit for giving birth to K’ as well as Kula

Only thing I liked about 2k1 was Kula’s Infinite.

I think you are forgetting the importance of Garractica Phantom being a normal move. :lol:

Singing Shingo winposes.

I am also not sure why they would want to punish people by putting ps 99 on anything short of a dvd destined straight for hell.

OMFG I know…that carried onto 2k2 also…which is mainly what I remember it from…LOL.

I don’t need it cause I got KOF 99 for DC and I also got KOF 2000/2001 double pack for the PS2.

I love 2001, I might be the only person.
Although it could be because it was the first brand new AES game I bought.
And K9999 of course.

I as well love 2001. Awesome roster, great versions of each character (Robert, Takuma, Clark especially), FOXY, introduction of super cancelling (outside of a separate mode) and wire attacks, IGNIZ (Brutal God Project FTW), innovative updates to old characters (Kyo’s grab SDM, Iori being able to cancel his rekkas into qcb + k or DP), etc.

I agree that the music is not the best, and some of the character artwork is really strange, but I’d put it as my third favourite KOF game behind XI and 98.

Edit: I also had kinda the same situation as you with 2001 - it was the first KOF where I followed the game as it was being developed and released, instead of finding out about it years later. So I guess that makes it special in some way.

Damn right! I actually love the artwork, there was such a lot of hate over on during the lead up.
I cant wait to get the nests ps2 version.

well this will be the second time I’ve bought these games. I already have 99 for my DC and 2000+2001 for the PS2 but have all three games on one disc is still a steal. SOLD!

I thought 2001 was garbage and the art style sucked too. Everyone looked so ugly. And the whole Zero clone who died not the real one??? wtf sounds like something u’d see in Marvel Comics

01 had solid old school kof gameplay,nice cast,crazy combos,tight bass,and balance(so broke its balance type of balance)! :cool:

that sounds like an oxymoron ^^^

dont call me an OX you moron!

oh i 4got about the ratio system,its like cvs2 but fun!:wonder:

^You gonna review it + big time smile, then?

'01 is complete shit and was the single greatest argument for the series losing the yearly release schedule. It was incredibly rushed and it showed in every possible way. It’s beyond ugly, the music is horrible, it’s the bad kind of broken (Foxy ftw), and the ratio system is useless (2/2 for easy 100%s or 3/1 for easy 75% combos/Mai follow-the-fans action).

Actually, with the exception of 2000’s art design/music, the entire NESTs trilogy is garbage. '99 is the quite possibly the most boring game in the entire series, 2000 is Combo Video: The Game, and '01 is… well, '01. Strikers were a bad idea implemented poorly.


couldn’t agree more. 2000 was average, Better presentation than 01 and the striker system wasnt as broken in 01. Hated 99 since Leona got fucked over more than a former employee at enron. Couldnt verify shit, moves were slow as fuck, hitboxes were reduced to shit. Had little to no combo potential.