The King Of Fighters Xi @ Evo 2006

Once again THE K-FORCE KAOS brings a KOF tournament to EVO. This year will be having a new game, The King Of Fighters XI. Here are the details. Since we have come with some issues regarding in which mode should we have the tourney we might be having two tourneys. One in ARCADE followed by the ARRANGE.

Remember, RF and MAGO. Top Jap KOF players will be attending.

Mode: One in ARCADE and maybe One in ARRANGE.
Characters:ARCADE MODE ALL, ARRANGE MODE Ex Kyo is banned.
Date: August 19

As usual most of the K-FORCE KAOS will be present, and will be also taking any money matchs you bring to us.:wink:

I missed a lot of the SNK stuff last year because I was tired after GGXX semifinals, but I’ll make sure to make it to this one.

Is it alright even if crappy-ass scrubs play, because I’ve only had a chance to play XI 3 times, but I LOVE KoF, I watch alot of tournament vids to try and keep up with my Kula, Gato and Athena team…

Everybody is welcome, there is no better place to level your game up than a tourney, IMO.

I’ll be there.

if only i could travel:sad: maybe next time:wonder:

I’ll be down.
Now is that $10 for both tournies or $10 each? 70/20/10?

Each. but only one is guarantee so far.

im taking everybody down…im gonna take out my frustration with the 205/425 players out on everyone else…since most of them are goin to some damn anime convention…

Waiting for results and Vids :smiley:

Hope you record all the top 8 The answer :wink:

vid cancelled due to time mismanagement and other factors

saved me 10 bucks