The King of Fighters XI UM, is it a good idea and would it work?


OK obviously a pure speculation thread for those who would like to see it.

I’m going to go on ahead and assume SNKP is most likely already working on a third and perhaps final UM game. Most likely gonna be titled “the King of Fighters XI Undisputed Match” or something to that effect.

This makes me wonder about what they could do with such a game, would it be even be a good idea to put up even more competition against KoF XIII. Also what kind of characters would they add. KoF XI already boasts a grandiose roster. Who could they add?

I know of a few off the top: Mukai, Maki, Chizuru, Chang, Jhun Hoon, Joe.

but who else and why?

Also, is the KoF XI scene even still active and would this be capable of revitalizing it? Or what it just get tossed aside in favor of the already popular 98’ and 2K2 UM games. Not to mention the soon to be awesomeness of KoF 13.

I never really cared for the Tag/Dream Cancel system too much honestly but I would love to see it fleshed for one last hurrah.


XI UM would be cool and all but I hope SNK is trying to make XIII as awesome as possible. Once that’s done then I would like to see a KOF XI UM.


Too early to do it. The only thing they could do is re-balance it and add every character to the franchise. I think a 2000 UM could work if they gave it some more variety. I could see them re-releasing the PS2 port of XI on XBL and PSN though.

I think a KOF Ultimate that would feature 100 characters, good balance (impossible but one can dream) and variations of every mode in the series would work better.


Kof XI UM will exist : after kof XIII they will do a dream match, probably using the kof XI tag system on the Kof XII engine. :stuck_out_tongue:


I always hoped they’d do something like this

not so much an 11 re balance as a final UM dream match game adding the new characters introduced in 03 and 11

As a way to send off the old sprites in a way

but who knows if it’ll ever get done. I’d hate to see it end up like 02UM did at first and be held back from arcades as to not compete with 13.


if they did make it, I would love to see the missing '03 characters as well as remaining NGBC characters relevant to the KOF/AOF/FF universe:

Lee, Rock, Shermie, Mizuchi and the Jin Brothers.


Totally, that’d be awesome.

I wouldn’t mind if they added in the Last Blade folks from NGBC as hidden characters, either; XI already has Hayate and Jazu.