The King of Fighters XII Arcade Sticks (By Exar)




IMHO… It’s going to suck. It’s the same tooling as the Exar Stick and Tatsunoko vs Capcom stick for the Nintendo Wii.

Unless they drastically change the internal design and add a metal base/more structure, I cannot see an improvement on design. If anything, it will be the same stick.


If you had to pick an EXAR stick, I’d get the SNK Neo Geo one or the ROYDS. The one with artwork may look pretty, but that’s all it is.


They should just have made another Neo-Geo stick and themed it The King of Fighters XII.

I would go for one of the Neo-Geo Sticks for a four button SNK video-game.
I would love to get one of these: “Neo-Geo STICK 3 -?-version”.


I dunno much about the Exar or TvC sticks so this question might be silly. What sort of modding potential does it have?


I need to convert a kidney stick to work on the 360. To expensive to tear up one of the original AES sticks unless I dual-mod it for Neo/360.


Yeah, for 50 bucks you can probably do better by investing in a custom or something else. lol


Any excuse to build a custom lol… but with only four buttons and an official ls33/40 I agree that the total cost shouldnt be too much at all if going arcade authentic, I’d say custom ftw :slight_smile:


how bad are we talking about? as in you can’t even modifify it or what?

I might buy it just for collector purposes.


How the hell do you build a stick for an SNK game but yet not use the SNK layout?


For an SNK stick it needs to be in a big ass red box with white stripes, use a Happ Super for the stick, have 4 concave buttons in the horizontal L shape, and have a spot for the mini marquee near the top :lovin:


Does anyone remember when the original Neo Geo came out and the SNK arcade sticks were $200 a piece? LOL, now they’re $55.


A case shaped like a kidney bean should also be acceptable.


not my pics…just found them on the internet


PS button WAY too damn close to the action buttons. What were they thinking? Can you lock it?


Damn I forgot about these sticks.

Apparently mine we shipped last week and are sitting in my local post office depot as I type… Looks like I will have to wait until next week to pick them up now :frowning:


Looks alright, not as good as the Madcatz TE but better than the Hori FS3.


It should ONLY HAVE 4 BUTTONS set straight. :frowning:
Wannabe Neo Geo.
Markman, does the Exar stick allow 30mm snap ins or screw in buttons?


I heard they changed it on the Vewlix to be like MVC2

I think I saw a pic of a KOF12 official Vewlix on the KOF forum here.

They are now arranged like MVC2


To be like street fighter.


I think is now outdated. But I know alot of KOF players cut their teeth on that layout.


Found Picture in this thread:
If you get used to old school snk layout and then find a cabinet like this you will be assed out.


This is not better than any HORI.

This stick is ass.

Plastic ftl.


That is such a lame layout. Snk should have their traditional layout and they shouldn’t attempt to be Capcom. Period.


I said looks better than the FS3.:lovin: