The King of Fighters XII Video Posting Thread


For those posting videos to their own youtube account, if you could make playlists of a set of vids so we dont clutter this thread to much.

And if someone posts a link to a video on, and you do not have an account there, feel free to put the link into here and you can view the video.

I’ll do my best to keep videos compiled on the first post so you don’t have to go searching high and low for a certain video. And since it will be too difficult to classify each video by character, make sure (if possible) list the video with the date it was posted.

To start things off:



Youtube Accounts with KoFXII Videos:
Lets keep the ball rolling! Oh, and try to leave discussion of videos to the character threads.


I have like 37 vids on my channel


Casuals @ Arcade Infinity. “Mr. KOF” on 1p side.



vs Duc

vs Duc

vs RJ (me)

vs RJ


When you say Duc do you mean Duc Do?


Nah. Different Duc. Aside from having similar names this Duc also played at SHGL when it was still around.


oh okay.


direct feed video


Those are some really good videos. :bgrin: Actually for me it’s the first videos I have seen with a high gameplay level…i’m hungry for more


Are the channels suppose to be nothing but KOF XII vids? If not you should add the arcade infinity channel

hey only have 3 KOF XII vids but I’m sure they’ll add more and they’re all in HD quality

Good matches too


I just realized, there’s almost no video showing off Shen Woo, Duo Long, or Chin. I’m really interested in Shen Woo and would like to see what this guy is made of.


It would be nice to see some matches with the other character not just ASH, TERRY, IORI, KYO


More AI match vids. This time with Terry’s 65% CC.


vs Duc

vs me (got destroyed haha)




Uploading about 37 matches from AI right now. Here’s my YT account.


WTF happened here? Was Robert out of range?

@:38. Andy just backs up.


He did the command throw far too early, Andy was still in blockstun from the jump-in.


Some new XII matches in there.


Tizoc… 3 posts above man!


that terry combo was nice and easy as hell. that much damage? thats nice haha. since this is the vedeo thread, why not put all the vids containing the best combos and CC combos in 1 post?


I managed to pull off Terry’s and Shen’s yesterday. I just wish I could record some footage of our locals playing. :\