The King of Fighters XIII GAMEPLAY Discussion Thread

Seeing as there was no real thread dedicated to gameplay discussion aspect of XIII I felt that their needs to be one solely for gameplay and not retarded fanboy bullshit.

Know nothing about KoF XIII? Check this thread here, all the info you want:
Props to Anakron and krazykone123 for organizing all the info/videos

Discuss away.

So, how bout them headswaps?

How bout that Hwa Jai? Can the downward one be a good over head? The air horizontal one be a good GTFO move? Eventhough he is a head swap, looks like he is going to be completly different than Joe which I am cool with.

In before no other posts are actually made and when everyone hops onto KOFXIII, everyone will just run and roll online.

He looks like he’ll be an annoying char. He can knee in just about every angle imaginable.
So far, new new kensou looks somewhat promising. Kim, looks like he might not do so well, his aerial flip kick looks like it has waaaaay more recovery when he lands. He’ll have to play safer considering you could throw those flip kicks out like crazy in XII.
So far to me, Takuma is looking really damn good. I doubt he’ll be lower than high tier.

Unless we have people on SRK playing in Japan at the loke tests right now, I don’t see what good this topic will do at this juncture.

I know what you mean because at this point in time everything will just be pure speculation. I’d be lying if I said that a reason for me making this thread was outa annoyance of reading the other thread (where KoFXIII hardly gets discussed let alone the gameplay itself).

Not all of us wanna talk about why X character isn’t in the game or why X fighting style isn’t in KoF and all that crap.

@judge: I feel the same way about Takuma, looking really good. Having a command grab that leads to a BnB is way good. His NeoMax doesn’t look shabby either. Possible anti-ari?

Clark’s got a few new tricks; it seems SNK has decided to allow him to reset easily from his charge punch, considering that I’ve seen everything from jump attacks and air throws straight to repeat charges off the second hit. It also seems that they’ve sped him up to Ralf’s level, considering that his backhand is much, much faster than I remember it being.

Iori’s NEO MAX also seems to be made for the various HD combos I’ve been watching come out the woodwork to boot : rekka, rekka, rekka, end with the command grab, and either dash into Maiden Masher or use his NEO MAX as they’re coming down. Neat stuff, really.

Saw a Liz do c.B, c.A, dp+P, dp+P, j.C, Uppercut DM in one of the vids (the damage gets scaled quite a bit so it’s not OP). Seems to indicate that it’s an anywhere juggle? I wonder what other moves will get this property.

You do have a point there. I have seen the Arcana Heart 3 thread last for months without really anybody playing it. Hopefully things will be the same with KOFXIII.

I wonder if Ash’s EX Thermidor(Ball) DM will do besides add hits.

I can’t remember if her uppercut DM was an anywhere juggle in XI. It looks like this game may end up as juggle heavy as XI.
Interesting that it’s kind of like XII + 2002UM + XI in one.

Around 50 Seconds into the game, it shows Benimaru hop and Iori cr.D. Benimaru does j.D and it doesn’t cross up.



Elisabeth does st. C, CD?, Uppercut x2, Grand Rafale

the weird thing is that the CD didn’t even knock Takuma back, didn’t they change it to command move or what?

i think it would be safe to assume so. I mean if you could combo into CD’s like that then why havent we seen more of that?

Also, Ash being able to do cr.B, b+B, B(/D?) Nivose is really awesome. I wish we knew more about charge b, f+K move.

What surprised me was the post. The guy who posted the info on Ash’s charge b, f+K said he can combo into the D version from lights. In MIRA the D version launches on hit allowing Ash to not only charge again during but allowing him to land another attack. Looks like it doesn’t do that in XIII because on hit the opponent was really low to the ground.

I kinda hope its not like MIRA’s version cause that shit was a little too good haha. What else did the guy say about the move?

Speaking of too good, seeing Elisabeth’s combo Grand Rafale off of every jump attack has me kinda worried.

One question, anyone got a name for that [4]6+K move Ash has now?

Another thing, in one of the blog posts (I can’t remember which one) someone I believe the producer mentioned that they took away (or at least lessened) the charge on Andy’s Zaneiken move, you think they might have done the same for other characters as well? Judging from this part of the video it does look like Ash’s charge moves come out a bit quicker than they used too, I dunno it might just be me


It’s not you, charge time must be really short. Which I personally love.
I always thought having a 2-3 second charge time limited the mobility of charge chars. But I personally prefer a quicker charge time.

Also, I just barely noticed the 95 style sound effects when Robert does that combo at around [media=youtube]lBTSvv5pnyA#t=13m25s"[/media]. Yeah this game is awesome so far.

Andy’s charge time on that attack has been removed:
Ash’s new move from MIRA is listed but I can’t get a translation.

Same here, characters like Ash and Leona would benefit quite well from a quicker charge time being that the game is faster and all

Thanks Hatred

The moves name is “Germinal” which is ironically the same name as his follow-up DM after Sans-Culotte, anyway here’s another one


I’m surprised all that connects, and at 23:09 you can also see Takuma do a st. C while Athena’s DM is still active, he might have canceled her DM or there’s must be a small bit of vulnerability in there