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*The KOF XIII Hyper Guide is ultimately designed to be an emporium of relevant and detailed knowledge about all aspects of the latest version of KOF XIII. Each page will represent the most current level of kn**owledge on a subject and will be updated to accommodate or revise new findings. *New KOF players should start learning the game by absorbing all the information and videos present in the wiki and then look into the game’s mechanics and characters. Look into everything!

This thread exists so that anyone may discuss new or incorrect materials for future wiki revisions; setups, descriptions, combos, formatting, video tutorials, etc… This method allows any poster to conveniently improve upon the guide while not needing to be registered for editing SRK’s wiki pages.

Topics such as general game questions or other matters of discussion are reserved for other threads. Try using the corresponding character thread to ask for advice, post match videos, and discuss strategies.

Please try to keep submissions relevant. For instance, new combos should be optimized for damage output, spacial advantage, meter build/deterrent, or an otherwise specific circumstance. Video documentation is not necessary, but a short explanation of why this combo is relevant should be provided.

If you have a submission to discuss then post in this thread or contact some of the main contributors. Most can be found on #SNKPlaymore @ or found here on SRK forums:

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Dr. Grammar

Don’t suppose it’s new, but it’s not exactly mentioned:

For Terry’s D Crackshoot, it’s -1 on stand block and +2 on crouch block. Terry is put at advantage when someone blocks it low. Also, if you hit someone that is crouching with **D crackshoot, you can follow it up with st.C or st.D for a full combo.

I re-read it again and did see this here, but did not mention exactly what you could follow up with which was odd as I’m pretty sure you can’t follow with anything aside from a st.C or st.D


I loved to help if you want me too

Go ahead and add me to the list of contributors. I put up about half of the characters’ movelists, listed a few characters’ combos, wrote a couple of the mechanics pages, and a few other things. I’m currently working on listing all the changes in the console version from SNKP’s recent blog posts.

I just wanted to say wow I didn’t realize SRK had such a good wiki going for KOF13. Awesome work to anyone involved.
Hugely appreciated.

Wow this guide is awesome. I have never played a KOF game before and knew nothing about the overall mechanics. After reading this I feel like I have a decent understand about the foundation of this game so when I pick it up when it comes out I won’t be clueless to whats going on. Thanks to everyone who put the time and effort into making this. The comparisons of certain things to more mainstream games was excellent.

This guide has made me more excited to get serious about KOF.

I’m considering doing video tutorials for the challenge mode they have. I did them for SFEX recently, so I’d like to make tutorials for a newer game. If I end up making the vids, I’d like to have them on the wiki. Someone will probably beat me to it, but the thing that I’ve noticed is that nobody really bothers to explain how to complete the challenges. They just show that they did it, and that’s it.

This should help me create a nice team for KOF thanks to all of you guys =D

Thanks for the guide fellas. Can’t wait for the game to arrive, been watching lots of match videos. Shen looks like a heavy hitter and I will probably start him on my team.

Sounds good. We could put a section for it for those that want to know how to complete these challenges. If you could post a sample of what you done so far, I could see what kind of quality you put into your work. You’re more than welcome to contribute.

Here’s one of my SFEX vids:

I try to keep things simple since the vids are about the exercises.

I like it. Go right ahead and make the KOFXIII Challenge videos. Other than using the same type of vernacular and terminology that’s used on the KOF XIII Wiki, I like what you’re doing. It’s just at certain times, the plain white text overlaps certain colors that make it hard to read. I think there is a way to to make a translucent, boxed overlay but I don’t know how to do any of that editing magic. I have confidence you’ll do well though. On a different note, what music was used when you were explaining charge partitioning? It sounds really familiar. It’s nagging my brain. I want to say old school Melty Blood.

The music during the charge partitioning explanation is called “Trance Logic.” It’s from Apollo Justice Ace Attorney.

Ooooooh. Okay, thanks dude~

Hey Sparkster, I like the expansion on the Strategy page. Good thorough explanation on fireballs, it should surely help.

But I was a bit surprised by this line:

“Ignoring EX moves and specific one-speed projectiles like K’s Second Shot ( + then + ), most characters only have two fireball speeds; fast and slow. This difference goes further than just allowing for the player to mix up speeds to keep the opponent out as in a Street Fighter projectile-trap sense.”

I’m pretty sure that isn’t true the difference in speed certainly isn’t as big as in 2k2, but there’s defnitely a difference in speed.


On a sort of related note, maybe it’s nice to use these sprite rips:

For the pictures, it’ll make the sprites look a bit sharper than you have them now.

Those rips are cleaner and are at a slightly more optimized resolution, but all the particle effects are ripped separately so I’d have to remake my images while trying to superimpose the correct effects. The result could look much better than what I have now, but I don’t want to take the time to redo all of that, though if anyone wants to do so they’re welcome.

But in reality, making a video covering the topics on the Strategy page would be more effective than redoing the pictures.

shouldn’t be the character arranged like the in game menu? it would be more clear like that.
keep up the good work!

Yeah, I think they should too, though we’d have to rearrange it a bit to make room for the DLC characters. I’ll probably redo the character select sometime today.

For the 2 ex version, maybe cutting the portrait in half (vertical or horizontal), with normal and ex version? I don’t have any other idea that would work with that arrangement.
You did pretty well btw, thanks!

You guys could just have them in order then put the 3 DLC characters just at the end. Should be pretty straight forward.