The King of Fighters XIII Hyper Guide Wiki


I guess this is the best play to discuss with other contributors to the wiki.

Do we want to do videos with Combos and/or Explanation of individual characters?

And if so, I doubt that will be done by one person, so maybe we should agree on some sort of format?

I say we do two different vids at least. One for non HD mode combos, and one for HD mode combos.

HD mode combos can have a beginning movie that shows different starters (cr.BB BC cl.C/j.C cl.C BC cl.C/etc.) and then the rest of the combos just starters of close C…

For the non-HD combos, I’d say combos off lows, combos off jump-ins, combos off crossups (is that still applicable in XIII? I guess not, but maybe in console) and punish combos.

And then subdivide these different categories by meter use. With the freedom of the combo system of XIII, maybe we should limit ourselves a little bit from showing everything possible, and more the more basic and most essential combos.

Is anyone down for this?


Also remember that before we can document any combos for a video, we’ll need to list them out on the guide–so we’re going to need to come to a consensus for a textual format. Notion and grouping shouldn’t be much of a problem, but every combo needs to have a description that mentions the uses, damage/meter/stun conditions, followup options, or special requirements (such as charge buffering/partitioning) so that the sections don’t blow up and become giant unexplained lists. For now we should worry about those issues since more optimal or practical combos may be invented later on and the video makers would have to retcon or add on to their vids, not to mention it makes chronological sense so we have the transcript for the combo videos.


For combo (video), keep in mind that maxmode combo gives much more resources to the opponent than before (as explained and showed by Dune@eLive), you don’t want to do flashy combo but to neomax asap, in most case anyway.


Speaking of optimalisation I updated a combo in the Kyo wiki:

(corner only) (jump attack) cl.C xx qcf+D, rdp+B (SC) qcb hcf+P, rdp+B, dp+C (3 hits) (SC) qcb hcf+P - (559, 41)
First the combo was:
(corner only) (jump attack) cl.C xx qcf+D, rdp+B (SC) qcb hcf+P, qcf+A, rdp+D (2 hits) (SC) qcb, hcf+P

This combo does a bit more damage, for the same meter requirement.*


Should we put the list of contributors up on the wiki somewhere?


I’ll start working on some stuff tomorrow when I get my copy of the game.


I’m not too interested in getting the ‘honour’ of being listed publicly. Also, it might demotivate people from working on the wiki because they’re not in the list. Which, may be a good thing to keep the style somewhat consistent, but also be a bad thing because we wouldn’t want to kill the wiki because it’s ‘ours’ you know?


i think it’s better to keep the list of contributors in this thread and not in the wiki. if people really want to know who contributed, they can just use this subforum.


Posted this in the main thread…

I’m having such a bitch of a time connecting dp+C at the end of K’s midscreen to corner carry combos, what’s the trick?

cr.B xx qcf+A f+D qcb+D qcb+D (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (DC) qcb+D qcb+D (whiff) dp+C f+D’ - (357, 31) is just one example but any of the advance combos that end with dp+C I’m having such a hard time doing midscreen.

EDIT: Never mind, turns out whoever did the K’ section of the Hyper Guide just copy and pasted those combos from an arcade version thread/wiki somewhere else. For example K’ can no longer do *“cl.C f+A (HD) cl.C f+A xx qcf+A f+D” in his HD combos. His *f+D launch midscreen doesn’t work anymore, who knows what else doesn’t work from the combo section. I imagine this may be an issue with other characters wiki’s as well. Midscreen dp+C also seems to have been removed. FML just wasted an hour or more in training room trying these combos… =[



Sorry yo. We did most of the guide based on the arcade version and we’re going through and testing a bunch of stuff to rewrite on the wiki. I’d get things done faster this weekend but I have 4 papers to write. Once that’s out of the way, I’ll going full throttle on the guide. I just do Move Analysis and Theory though. Combos and what not are done by Phoenix and Parapets so they should be consulted about these kinds of things.


Okay after some further testing it seems K’s midscreen HD combos will now have to start with the following…* “cl.C f+A (HD) cl.C f+A xx dp+A(1hit) (HDC)” then you can continue the combo as written in the guide **qcb+D qcb+D (whiff) [dp+A (1 hit) (HDC) qcb+D qcb+D (whiff)] x3(instead of 4) dp+A (1 hit) (HDC) qcf+C (input dp+A qcf+C as forward, down, down forward, forward A, hold forward, C) f+D f+A qcfhcb+AC - damage is 644 down from 856 listed in the wiki. *


No worries. I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t land some of the combos listed, thought my stick was broken or something lol.


Don’t have access to the game yet, but wouldn’t cl.C f+A (hD) cl.C (1hit) qcf+A f+D be a better starter?


Are you guys trying to figure out how to do this without using an EX?

You’re right, that works. I’d actually say st.C, f+A [HD], st.C, f+A, qcf+AC, f+B is a good HD activator and nets some extra damage. The reason why the damage on that combo goes down is that the scaling for DMs went down to 40% from 50% scaling as well as EX chain drive doing a LOT less damage.


@ kyo
in order to do DP + C Fwd K finisher you must do, QCB+B+D (DC) after DP+A, thx.


This doesn’t work midscreen.

I’d say it isn’t a good HD activator, it raises the meter cost of the combo from 2 to 3 when the starter I have listed works just as well and doesn’t waste a meter.


Yes but that defeats the purpose of the combos listed on the wiki when they have specific Drive/Meter requirements.

cr.B xx qcf+A f+D qcb+D qcb+D (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (DC) qcb+D qcb+D (whiff) dp+C f+D is 50% Drive Meter combo from the arcade/listed on wiki doesn’t work on the console version. dp+C cannot be connected midscreen from a none ex qcb+D.


It does. Confirmed by several people.


You’re right, thought it was close cl,C f+A.


So I noticed you guys are missing the images for NESTS Kyo and Mr. Karate for the character select screen. I got you covered if you need them. I also have bigger character icons for the character pages. The ones you have are 60x60 with some parts cut off, I got some that are 82x82 that show more, and there’s 2 sets of them with different expressions.