The King of Fighters XIII Hyper Guide Wiki


Sounds good. I can add them if you PM them to me.


Just a heads up, the icons for Ash and Takuma didn’t come out right. They’re still using the old 60x60 ones, although they seem to have the new file size.


They work for me. Try clearing your cache.


My fault then, that fixed it.


this is minor, but the terry page doesn’t list his EX Buster Wolf as projectile invincible. this goes for both the move list with icons and the move analysis in the strategy section.


Ok, thanks. I’ll add that later. I generally thought it had invul. How far and how long does this projectile invulnerability extend throughout the move?


From when he stops moving to when he hits something or his target. Not sure if they changed this as well, but he had forward invincibility as well. If you timed it right, you could collide with a lvl.4 Raiden Super Dropkick and you’d take no damage. Then Terry would finish the rest of his move.


Shouldn’t the SRK motion have a



Ah yeah, I was editing it recently and must have accidentally deleted that. I’ll fix it now.


I found a combo for Yuri which isn’t posted on the wiki yet, and I think is probably the best damage for the amount of meter (drive) that it costs.

c.B, c.B, s.B xx dp.C, Drive Cancel, dp.D, j.C (in the demon flip) land, s.C, dp.D, A+C (in the demon flip) - cost 50% drive

(can also start with s.C)

You can also do:

c.B, c.B, s.B xx dp.C, Drive Cancel, dp.D, j.C (in the demon flip) land, dp.A cancel into kicking super

But its not practical only to finish your opponent.


not sure if this would be considered a short-cut or not, but, with Yuri for example: do dp A then press B or D. it automatically gives you a drive cancel. it doesn’t work for all overlapping joystick motions, but it does work for a few characters. might be useful to add to the Tips and Tricks or whatever.


is kyo’s hcb.k really lower body invincible? I was testing it out and terry’s power wave knocks him out of it. (where in 12, it would not) is it only invincible to normals?

Edit: I’ve read that the move has lower body invincibility on start up, unlike 12 (where the whole thing was lower body invincible, and that was utter bullshit). gonna test this out when I get the chance.


Guys, I finally sat and looked through the wiki tonight. It is massive and very detailed. You’re doing great work. I just wanted to say thank you.


Yeah, thank you for taking the time to read it. I won’t deny that there are a bunch of unfinished, unrefined portions of the guide and we’ll be getting to work on that soon. Especially after Finals week and everyone is on their Winter break. Thank you for your patience.


What is there is more than sufficient for the time being. I was surprised that there is even a tutorial on controlling space. It reminds me of the dandyj tutorial in stop motion form.


Well, in KOF2002 at least, it was, but only during the active frames, which only activate when near an opponent.

But even in 2k2, the invincibility did not reach high enough to dodge fireballs, or the highest sweeps, but it does dodge cr.B’ and lower sweeps.


Not sure if I’ve expressed this here in the past, but I wanted to let you guys know that the KOFXIII wiki is great, and good and excellent work to all the contributors. golf clap


Great guide and be aware that the work has been of great help to the community and new players, cheers :slight_smile:


Incredible guide, so well done, very helpful, this badass game deserved this, thanks guys!


*I dont think that [dp+C (1) (HDC) dp+D > P] listed in a few of Yuri’s HD combos work. I can land it with *[dp+A (1) (HDC) dp+D > P] but not C. Is it possible?