The king of fighters XIII : Iori 98' (DLC)

I bought it on us psn ^^ :


tell me what you think :slight_smile:

he’s 2002 iori dammit

I don’t think. for me it is that of 98

Although DLC Iori has a cancelable f.A, he’s more like 02/00 Iori more than 98 Iori. Though, there isn’t much differences between each Iori other than dp+K and having a cancelable f.A and cr.A. Or f.B actually comboing from other normals in 01.

good point of view

kof 95 iori

i don’t think

Only reason why I bought the game. SOOOOOOOOOOO WORTH IT

I want him so bad

I want kyo 98’ now :confused:

Man i was expecting to find some good info in here. My current team is Flame Iori/13-Kyo/Terry. What position do you guys think iori is strongest in? I play him first to build meter for Kyo. Iori has solid mix ups mid screen but i feel like he is actually weaker once your opponent is in the corner since you cant set up anywhing using B+LK. how are you guys maximizing damage with This character

personally I put iori as the second position

This looks like CvS2 Iori :O!!!

i make a video for 98’ soon

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