The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread


Takuma/Yuri or Raiden/Elizabeth vs K’/Kyo/Iori (Tengu mask EX glitch used)

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Thanks alot for the new videos, especially the ones with Takuma in it! takes notes


Can someone translate the ??? players?


Picnic vs Dune (2 matches), they switch sides after the first two rounds then switch back

Dune vs Picnic

Hiroto vs Tokumeikibou

Hiroto vs Picnic (first two matches), Tatsu vs Picnic, then Dune vs Hiroto


Short Daimon combo
K’ bug
Iori DM bug


Well, this is certainly not ideal.








Nicovideo Redirector
Expect Kula and K’. shrug

Shout outs to Ash, Duo Lon, Leona, and Andy being played.






[media=youtube]HtC3W1ED9pI[/media] K’, Kyo, Kula gameplay
[media=youtube]ntgNx3WQmcg[/media] Some Raiden and Mature. An amusing combo with 3 drop kicks in it around 2 minute mark. Also first guard crushes i’ve seen so far.
Posting rest at Dreamcancel


[media=youtube]ESvkC3Ur6p4[/media] Rare footage of Mai!:wow:


better Mai here


Short vids


finally china gets one… awesome matches




emilllls site on yt got some awesome matches. some decent joe use, awesome shen and maxima btw. find them through the links above mine in hatreds links.