The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread


Nishinippori Vs. 57th event (part 1) tubed by Gato Ray:

Had never seen Kula’s empty cancel jabs before O_o


Super Arcade KOF tourney last week




Vids from a tourney the other day in Manila being uploaded here:


Playlist with the top 6 matches.

I’ll have the rest of the videos up later.


Here’s a good video to watch if you’re having combo-related trouble…


Hyper Battle Twitch archive



SEA Majors 2014 in Singapore


CEO after hours


Practice King’s practical combos, with and without meter.

Mr. Karate Combo Video.


Andy combo video I made


matches from China



Ya’ll are going to love this.


PSA before watching that: Get a bag next to you because fulljump D and hammer are nauseatingly good. j.D is easily better than Karate j.CD


YaCheng Cup 4 featuring Madkof and XiaoHai


In depth analysis of the KOFXIII engine



I plan to do a rundown/review recap of the 3 years of KOF XIII in the competitive scene staring from NEC 2011 to post Evo 2015 side tournament how to look at things in the past from today’s perspective and i won’t be able to cover everything but as much as i can.