The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread


Grand finals of the Frosty Fausting IV tournament I attended earlier this month. I had to leave before grand finals, but I checked out the archives and the matches were great. Big up to Sparkster and James Jr. (nothin89)!



Local Battles KoF13 Tourney 1/19/2012


basic duolon guide. also explains the crossup bug.

edit: updated.


Skip to 1:40
Infinite found.





As usual, playlist:

Jan 14th and Jan 23rd casuals footage to be added soon


[media=youtube]6X0GUBleZ2A[/media] some chin action

more @


Sup guys. Made a new BnB & Practical combo video. For Yuri this time.




Sorry for the clipping in R4, battery ran out and had to hastily put in a spare. :oops:


In case you guys missed it, the grand final of the last 3VS3 tournament is there :

Reynald shows that Mr Karate is indeed a force to be reckoned with.


Holy shit man…


Hi there, this is my video of Ash Crimson combo tutorial, enjoy :



here are 2 needlessly expensive mr. karate combos for styling

thanks for watching.


New ish batch of casuals.








KOFXIII Climax Loke test in Akihabara:



Playlist of the top 4 of ultimate clash 12 xtreme
A tournament held in london featuring ON MichelS and LDA The Answer


BALA posted a Kensou combo







Cristina vs The Answer FT10


interview with LDA The Answer in london before he went to WCG, interview by myself and ON Giga D

part one

Part two (more technical stuff)


That Cristina girl got bodied holy shit lmao

She called him lame for pressing buttons that didn’t work. Even though SHE was the one who was waiting for sound to happen lmao.
Who needs reaction when you can just wait for people to press shit and react to that. LMAO!

Get shit on