The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread


A match from Taiwan.KOF XIII starts at 19:00


Tourney from here last Sunday. Still going to upload some more to this play list + properly label throughout the week.

Sorry bout the quality, sunlight glare + SDTV lol


Second console tourney in Manila

Playlist is complete, labelling to come later.

Complete semis and grand finals:






Good Shizz with the vids Des.
Here’s the other one you UP’ed. Looked like good times! If only I had the MONEY TO TRAVEL!


Did yall have any 98 & 2002 matches for the fun of it on the side. Or were yall just rocking that XIII out the whole time. Just curious, hit me back when u can.


I saw a bit of KOF2002:UM at Final Round. Don’t think anybody recorded it, though.


2 hours of offline casuals between me(Kyo/Terry/Athena/K’/yuri) and Dracula(Terry/Iori/Ryo) from Germamy. If you like the videos please subscribe on youtube and twitch (


Sorry guys, I just saw the sound desyncs thanks to splitting the video by twitch. So here is a complete 2h version without sound desync.





You guys should post the videos in spoiler tags when you have more than one video in your post. Loading all that flash at the same time is KILLING my browser. lol.

At least with spoiler tags, the videos load when I want them to.



this is just a preview of what you will see in (""KING OF FIGHTERS XIII CHAOS CMV volume 2 coming soon.


Orochinagi 3on3 1 captain 2 noobs tourney

Also final Orochinagi house session


Match videos from the most recent German tournament. Upload for WB SF2 coming later today.

WB SF1 SinJul vs Dracula
LB QF1 Mik vs Xenozid
LB QF2 Mac vs Dracula
WB Final ATG vs SinJul
LB SF Xenozid vs Dracula
LB Final SinJul vs Dracula
GF SinJul vs ATG


anyone know wher I can watch some quality daimon play?


I second this HCF HP motion. :sunglasses:

Daimon is the shit.


Some recent casuals

Philippine casuals Jan 28







More from the same set and players above (Elisabeth/Terry/Robert vs Athena/Mai/King)

Jan 28 casuals






Archive of MixupNight
RF and Haitani both play Daimon, skip around and you can see their matches.


online casual matches from China


100% Combos Vid



Has cool color edits in it as well.