The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread


That shit was buck.


Weekly KOF13 tournament at 好特 arcade in Nanning,China
June 2011

April 2012
1-0零回战-CX VS KOZ

1-1第一轮-弗利萨 VS 小陈

1-2第一轮-黄山 VS 小亮

1-3第一轮-小丫 VS PP

1-4第一轮-WW VS KOZ

1-5第二轮-黄山 VS 弗利萨

1-6第二轮-PP VS KOZ

1-7三位-弗利萨 VS KOZ

1-8决赛-黄山 VS PP


CMV by 江城子


A 30min set between me and my friend. Critiques would be appreciated.



hey guys, check out my youtube channel! I have off stream matches recorded from The Runback in SoCal with commentary!



Saw only the first 10-15 minutes of it. Solid casual set and respectable on both sides.
It’s very hard for me to criticize either of you because it seems both of your level play are very even and it’s hard to see your errors compared to if you played a top player that blew you up; you can easily see where you go wrong.

But I’ll try my best to give some basic input and outlook.

** Input on the Elizabeth team side- **

Your play was strong and you seemed like you knew what you were doing at all times and did what you needed to do when you needed to do it. The only thing I can see is very small things that really may stop you from winning that critical match or that clutch moment. For instance! I barely saw either of you anti air each other or even stop short hops which both of you did like crazy at random moments. If you go back and watch, sometimes Yuri would short hop and miss the hit and whiff then YOU should short hop next and miss the hit and whiff. It felt really awkward to watch both of you try something and miss completely. It was a common thing to.

Try to start more grounded and use anti air for big jumps and jabs for short hops. If you do that much both of you start thinking more outside the box on how to approach either other and HAVE to level up instead of a random lucky jump in.

I feel you should throw more earrings with Leona especially vs characters who can’t do much about it like Mature and Yuri. Don’t always use it as a form of offense or defense but think of it as a tool to see what your enemy does and how he/she responds to it and perhaps will do it again the next time. This kind of information is absolutely critical to any character/player and can be the big difference between winning and losing. That one read and projectiles are exactly that kind of tool that makes you learn people faster.

Your Elizabeth was solid but I feel you need more enemy jump command grabs and more footsies. Once you establish a ground footsie game and a presence of a command grab, then people get shaky fast and make mistakes and Elizabeth can capitalize with ground punishes and good high for low cost. Her resets are some of the best in the game! USE IT! Command grab, empty jump grab, empty jump low, cross up b, sweep etc etc. I saw to much pressure and not enough trying to open someone up in different ways every time. Counter hit setups should be a big goal for her. It felt too straight forward. Still very strong though don’t think otherwise. You’re a good player.

I didn’t get to see much of your vice so I can’t say.

The Yuri team -

The main thing I noticed that I really want to state is that you jump way too often and don’t hit confirmed to much. It feels like you know what you want to do but just can’t pick the right spot when to do it. I feel like the Elizabeth player just read you way to much and you couldn’t change it up. It felt very aggressive and not enough passive. Take a moment to look at the video again and REALLY analyze what you’re doing and why. You got the combos, you got the mixups and you got the setups but I think you just don’t know where to put it in.

Hey I may be wrong but this is just my input on it.

I’ll edit more later because I have to go but just some light stuff. Don’t take it too offensively and just learn from the tiny things. Both of you are good players but it feels like you need polishing (As we all do)

Take a moment to reflect your gameplay/plan and think outside the box.


EGA RB#1 Finals




Shadowloo KoF XIII pools

Shadowloo KoF XIII Top 8


vid about corner crossups



I knew about the crossups in corner, but didnt think you could roll and then crossup tho, good stuff. I found out about King’s throw mixup about 2 weeks ago. I found out once I remembered about the crossup thing.


Holy shit, still waitin’ on Laban’s next tutorial.


Mai + corner = stun = death



The first few KOF Climax vids are up on Emil’s account


Gonna label + add more casuals later.






top players from morroco :slight_smile:


ImbuedGold updated his channel with the new Nishinippori Versus.