The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread


Athena to-the-moon combos.



I’ll just leave this here:


Here are two videos from my youtube:

This video highlights a bug in Duo Lon’s game play - I mention tier lists because this particular bug might influence his game plan a little and his tier placement (I was rather tired during the video) - There was already another bug that occurs at mid-screen. Most Duo Lon players might have already encountered this, but I wanted to put this on showcase to increase awareness of this bug.

This is NOT my main team… I’m still trying to figure out what happened with my King because I don’t normally have problems with her (I don’t recall much lag during the match so…)


Casual matches from Suzhou.


Uploaded another video… with my main team in action this time.


Casuals of my friends, more on the way later.

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KOF 13 casuals









Alexu’s second kof13 cmv


Sorry 'bout the quality

Leona/King/Mai vs Iori/Terry/Mature




More videos! These are just replays of my previous matches online. Enjoy.

Match 1 Team: Betty, Mai, Athena (WIN)
Decent match, though my Elizabeth could have been better and I was also ignorant of Mai’s potential at the time.
Match 2 Team: Flame Iori, Yuri, Leona (WIN)
This was a terrible match, even though I won. Kyo vs Yuri… things got kind of weird. And, hilarious.
Match 1: Terry, Mai, Kim (WIN)
Nothing really stuck out. My Terry game play was… questionable.
Match 2: Kim, Billy, Kula (WIN)
This was rather intense. My Kim started having difficulty much later through match. Billy… I don’t have much to say. Kula should have been the second character to use instead. I really don’t think she is meant for being a anchor.
Match 1: Leona, Saiki, Regular Kyo (LOSS)
This match was pleasing to watch (ins spite of losing). The player here was actually really good. But, I’ve also gotten better over time as well before this person showed up. Saiki’s zoning was pretty decent and I tried to be cautious with Leona.
Match 2: Duo Lon, Betty, and Mai (WIN)
This match was nice too, but I could not stand watching my Duo Lon - I seriously think there WAS lag in this fight I don’t normally drop combos like that with characters such as Duo Lon and I ended resorting to defensive play - one that is NOT Duo Lon forte! Betty… got her ass whooped. Mai took care of the match in the end. There will be more to upload soon enough.


… And, here is another. Both with my main teams.


Bala vs Tokido at MLG

Thanks to SPLIPH at Dreamcancel.




MOre KOF XIII Climax:


Three vids.




Casuals from Manila

King/Leona/Mai vs Robert/Andy/Terry 1-3








KOF13 Climax casual matches from Shanghai




It’s KOF XIII Climax! Take a look at these and enjoy!