The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread


Here is some EX Iori Yagami footage from me - Combo into his EX Yami Barai! (Or… his EX projectile). Iori Yagami himself does a commentary!


I hardly see people utilize Mai Shiranui’s Musasabi no Mai effectively, so this video will provide some clues about the said move, as well as her other tools. Mai herself guides the player through this one too… have fun!



Evo 2012 Training…


Unfortunately I use my HD HERO 2 camera… It may be hard to see at times…



Thanks for the video GDH, I’ll probably be using this a bit when I pick her up.






Top 4 ultimate 13 KOFXIII

Featuring WW|MCZ Prodigal Son (Ryan Hart)


Mexico vs Korea/CafeID

Battle Log




I didn’t realize what was so cool until Hellpockets mentioned the guard damage, it pretty much decimated it.


Probably been mentioned a few times in the past few pages already, but may as well.

Evo champ’s YT page:


Insta-bookmarked. :smiley:


Essex Gamers Arena RB#4 FINALS[media=youtube]1TX-LtuxHvo[/media]


hsard from China vs MadKOF

KOF13 Climax casual matches from Shanghai


Wow! Thanks for the upload, I totally didn’t see that reverse OCV with Saiki destroying MadKOF like that.




Some recent Manila casuals
Moon = Momon/Raymon I think

using this tag to make things load faster







More KOF here:


Our New Combo Video



Here’s a vid with annotations throughout the vid of me and my friend DP. Alternate275 = Korean Panda in this vid:



Do we really need annotations for a 15 minute match of button mashing? There’s mistakes every 2 seconds and actions being made for no reason at all, then trying to assign a purpose to everything that happened after the fact. I’m not sure what the purpose of these annotations are, it’s not going to teach anyone anything.


Emil, how’ve you been? You’re still Emil I see xD And I just wanted to try something new. See what others thought about the annotations. Feedback if you will. So I guess annotations are a bad idea then? It wasn’t to add a purpose per action. And frankly I disagree, I think people can learn something from this video. Even if the lesson comes down to “Don’t play like this”. It’s a mistake and people learn from mistakes, right? I would at least certainly hope so. However, if the annotations didn’t do anything for the video, then just say so =P