The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread


KoF XIII : 常識的に考えて Coordinated Guard Crush

[details=Spoiler] [media=youtube]ICaCRYwKpck[/media]


online casual matches of hsard from China

1p hsard

1p madkof 2p hsard

1p hsard

1p hsard

1p hsard

1p hsard


Mr. Karate 100% HD combos



Here is a video of some Mai game play and combos.


Might as well leave this here.



Need some entertainment…? (And education)?
Please watch this video. It’s South Town Arcade Ranbats




casual matches form Tainan,Taiwan


New BALA combo vid




Alexu’s third kof13 cmv


KOF13 Climax tournament in Taipei,Taiwan




KOF13 tournament in Suzhou,China


Yang Yao Ren vs ET






Vids from a recent Chicago tourney. Level of play ranges from decent to pretty good.

loser’s semis



winner’s finals



loser’s finals



grand finals




Good shit to James Jr. I played him a lot on PSN. He’s pretty scary.

LOL at him getting boo’d at the end of Grand Finals.


The RunBack 4.8



Alexu’s 3rd kof13 cmv




It’s a whole lotta love from the City the Works.