The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread


ColiseoVS 2013


Top 8



can anybody hook me up with the names of some notable Ioris, Clarks or Kensous, im having little to no difficulty with combos but i am just blind when it comes to doing anything aside from turtle kensou


Recent French KOF 13 tournament I found on my Dailymotion feed


Recent meet in Manila:


Luis Cha and friends played some amazing sets in Mexico yesterday. Hours of delicious footage. Go watch!


Best of 2013 highlight reel


Some vids from a Manila meet yesterday
More to come soon


More from the said Manila meet. Hopefully it’s a monthly thing


KOFXIII Mai Tutorial Part 1 and Part 2 are up:


M’ and Dune vs Kaoru and Woo:


The Mai tutorials are all finished:


KOF13 Online Tournament from China



Some footage from So Cal Regionals


Juicebox’s KOFXIII Basic Daimon Guide is up!


Final Round 17 tournament matches:

Send any constructive criticism my way if you’ve got some, particularly if you were at the event. (PMs preferred; I doubt I’ll be checking back on this thread frequently.) If there’s anything about the experience you found sub-optimal then I’d like to be able to address it for the future if possible.


Robert safe jumps!


Ryo combos (1 bar and 1 drive)



Hit Confirm Practicing




Nishinippori Vs. 57th event (part 1) tubed by Gato Ray:

Had never seen Kula’s empty cancel jabs before O_o