The King Of Fighters XV General Discussion Thread

Game a work in progress, so it SHOULD look better by the time it comes out. I honestly don’t know how far they can go with that artstyle tho.

The trailer.

Everything is VERY in the line of KOF XIV. Too bad, I wanted them to do something really different and more daring. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the KOF XIV characters return to the roster.

And well, as for the graphics, a very slight improve over KOF XIV’s, but an improvement at least. Welcome be it.


It wasn’t pretty; but I had fun playing KoF14. I wouldn’t be mad if Sylvie Paula Paula returned. She was obnoxious fun to use.

I’m a bit disappointed that after all this time the game just appears to be using a modified SamSho engine. Also bummed out that it appears the ladies have bad implants, as is the norm for this eSports era of fighting games.

I’m not going to REEEE about “muh censorship” however I admit I’m just irked by the denial of physics when it comes to breasts. Yes, they don’t need to jiggle like the old DOA 99 Age gimmicks; but breasts do move and developers continuing this trend of stiff chests on the ladies is just. . . gross in new ways.

On serious talk though - I hope some MotW characters make the cut. B. Jenet is sorely underutilized by SNK, and I’d like Tizoc to return. Ignoring King of Dinosaurs. Sorry, I’m a BIRD HEADED MAN type of guy!

For laughs if they added loli-Chang to the roster with Chang, I’d play a Chang, Choi, Chang team for maximum comedy. Especially if both Changs do the belly grab win pose. Fat criminal swag FTW!

Fingers crossed the online play is solid. SNK is the ultimate underdog, and I want to see they do well. I may not get my BDE 90’s SNK back, but damn it - I gotta believe!

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Shun ei trailer just came out, looks largely the same + some weird aerial moves (looks like a dive and a straight drop down, can’t tell if either is an actual attack) cl.B is shown in the same sequence as cl.C but can’t tell if it combos (correction: looks like a cancel of some sort old, cl.C animation may now be a command normal, still can’t confirm if it combos without some sort of combo counter). Last sequence of trailer feels a bit lazy as they show what I believe is his new lvl 3 (neomax, climax, max2, HSDM, whatever they intend to call it this game) but it seems to be from the previous trailer as the background is South beach instead of the arena that the rest of the trailer takes place in. in any case here’s the trailer:


The stages still look terrible.

I hope they up their game in the final release.

Meitenkun trailer dropped. CD attacks still wall splat. New command normal KD raw cancelable when cancelled into. He has what looks like a charge punch feint at around 27 seconds in. Does an EX move w/o any form of glow before it comes out so likely EX can be done outside of max mode (assuming there is a form of max mode). New background. Super cancels. Nothing else really stood out to me.


Wow, the game looks better in this second teaser :slight_smile: They really took seriously the negative feedback Shun’ei’s trailer received, now they’re showing more gameplay.

Some comparison:

I like more the new more colorful aesthetics, instead of the mute-colored looks of XIV.


I will no doubt purchase this, but so far I’m not particularly hyped. The trailers really feel like SNK want people to acknowledge the effort put forth on the new characters in KoFXIV.

Perhaps a better trailer delivery system would be to show team trailers, unless this format is indicating a change to the system? Don’t want to read too deep into that, doubt they’d drop the team format.

Visually, looks like they’re getting good use out of a repurposed Samurai Shodown engine.

The trailers make me think KOF XV is simply KOF XIV.I

They’re not trying to break the mold, but to solidify the brand, to make new audiences get familiar with this new era of KOF and reaffirm this XIV roster as a staple people can count on. And sell the new graphics.

I think most XIV characters will return and the gameplay will be very similar to KOF XIV, that’s turns 3 vs 3, cancels, MAX mode, but with a couple improvements.

I think it looks promising. But I also sort of miss the times where every new KOF game felt like something completely different (think about the complete roster overhaul from KOF 2003 to XI for example).

Let’s see how this plays out.