The "king of ggpo" tournament


This 10K Volts guy dodged for an hour and a half and refused to play. I then gave him a deadline to play and he failed to meet the deadline. I told him I am not giving him a second chance to let him know I am serious.

Bottom line? 10k Volts is a dodge who isn’t great who showed he is fearful of my skill as ----proven by his actions—!

I am the best SF2 player online for a reason as proved by this objective tournament and people like 10K Volts are starting to recognize.

I am already getting a lot more respect after this tournament win. Everyone says hello to me when I log on now and I get compliments. People call me King, Lord, and people say WHOA SLICEEVERYONE HAS LOGGED ON! They also say HE’S HERE!!!

I pretty much get a red carpet rolled out for me and I am liking the VIP treatment because people know that I am the man. 10K Volts and Papasi probably only wish to get this level of respect that I get. Pasky is obviously more jealous than ever of me. He used to work on getting better with rog instead of guile probably because he wanted to try to play with half of the skill I have.

Koops’s signature “**Respected… simple as that.” **sums me up pretty well.

Basically what I am trying to say is 10K volts loses due to forfeit and his blanka’s head made a nice ornament in my throne room.


Czar my friend, congrats on being the king of ggpo! Sorry i couldn’t be there for you buddy, take care in life!


Unless you’re Ritual, which you’re not, I’m almost positive we have never played, so you can go somewhere else with those lies. And speaking of things being funny, I find it funny that you are talking shit to a guy who mains a low tier character that your main character just flat out destroys. But hey, it’s all good because no matter how many wins you get against me, or how many ONLINE tournaments you win, I will always have more respect than you, even though you’re the “king of GGPO.” So go ahead, keep talking shit to me, a lowly Blanka player that Boxer owns on any given day. It won’t do you any good.


Take care too BaklaKiller you are one of the very few people I thought was cool and really liked playing SF2.


afro legends dodged me on GGPO after I asked him to play me. He sent a challenge to someone else instead while everyone was waiting for him to challenge me.

afro legends fears the king because I used to beat him down back in the HDR days and it would be worse now. He also gets really quiet when I am around where I sense a lot of fear out of him.

No challenges left and the king has beat everyone. afro legends loses due to dodge and forfeit.

afro dodgends

This is all backed up and proven by his actions.


This is the reason why top players like afrolegends, Choi and damdai hardly ever post on SRK anymore: TROLLS.

I would like to see a mod temporarily ban this czardouche. And if he makes yet another account, IP ban. For real.


Haha I beat this newb like 30-3 in a set 2 weeks ago. Your Ken is awful. Someone told me you were decent and I have found your Ken to be a joke. I was actually disappointed when I saw this Blitzfu person come on and thought he was going to be a challenge. It turns it he was the opposite of a challenge and I lost the 3 matches just from pure boredom playing his garbage Ken.

You must be the troll talking about high level when you are clearly awful at SF2. Papasi’s awful Ken is even better than yours.

Don’t speak of me if you are a joke at this game, which you have proved in play. I also beat Damdai’s Cammy down badly so don’t even mention him.

To the people who denied that they played me, I have several accounts so you just have to remember a balrog who destroyed you. Set up a set with me and I will beat you down like I beat you down before. I would love to embarrass Blitzfu yet again for his arrogant ignorance.


hey hold these for me would ya ? I’ll just be a sec while I use your eyebrows to wipe the sweat off mah balls. Sho is hot today! feeeew!



bonus video

this is my fav michael jackson song



I actually remember those matches. The match with Damdai GGPO was lagging really bad that day with input delay. You will notice I couldn’t even get a headbutt out so we shortly called the set after that.

Also with ST Playah I think that was the first match because he caught me off guard because he was using a smurf name and was also really laggy, but not as laggy as with Damdai. I remember winning the set though vs him.

I am notorious for playing bad with lag. I play best with little to no lag.


no and no


The vid of u vs ST Playeh says battle 3 dude.


Blitz he’s right about those old top players.
I cant stand them because they never get on always got an excuse to not play.

If you really are the best then log the fuck on and play the best.
Afro Legends, Choi, Valle, and the other guy dont even exist to people like me on the East coast and on GGPO.

Honestly i believe the NEW Wave of top players are way better than the old guys.
We are better because we play each top comp more often.
Czar, (My son) Ritual, Damdai, Steve Tren, Mars, Gan, etc>>>>>>>the old guys.


So your reasoning is that because you don’t play the top west coast players and the old school guys, you believe that your local guys are superior?


Its the same… and I fall under that ‘old guy’. You guys play as much if not better than we did. Some of us have moved on to other games an only look back OFFLINE. Some literally have lives that eat up majority of your time. Then some hop on here and there just to show face an support. Choi and Valle can be found supporting their scene as a WHOLE… not just for one game. An I bet they will do side matches at their venue if its set up. Never rely squarely on GGPO to get your fix. Come out to tournies cause thats what WE are doing to make sure things like GGPO can go on (you do know we donate to keep it running right).

Also you need to readjust your new wave. Gan, Dam, and Steve have been around. Mars (whom i know an mentor personally) has been doin his thing for a while as well. When I think new way its people whom only STARTED playing ST or coming out to tournies or getting into scene (ie SF4).


Choi doesn’t play ST anymore.

There is a big ST scene in LA now (Wednesday Night Fights/Supergun Saturdays) with incredible competition.

Valle plays offline at WNF and has been dominating. And he is probably too busy with other games and has no time/need to play on GGPO.

AfroLegends is playing at WNF and doing well and he has been playing on GGPO lately.

This topic is beyond silly. These guys have absolutely zero to prove to anybody, especially when a player is measured by offline tournaments, not random games on GGPO.


Daigo does not play ST anymore and still beats us. Some people do not need to practice anymore.


I miss GGPO.


-trolls suck-


Uh, I’m about as new wave as a Ford Model T. I’m 38 and have been playing competitive SF2 since 1991. Not on the west coast, but still being called “new wave” makes me laugh.


I dont have the money to travel to the West coast for games.


And I’m too broke to even pay attention.


Stop worrying about the west. Come out to your region then work you way over. They’re plenty of people on the east that play an have place where they have gatherings… just look around or ask some of the people you see around that supports the community. NEC is going on right now and the setup is beautiful and the games are fun both casual an tourny. That you you get to meet some of us (dam, mar, gan, myself…etc. etc.) an see where the get togethers are held.