The "king of ggpo" tournament


Early Sunday evening/afternoon would be great (for me). Thanks for organizing this Kuroppi (and Sabin).


Just posted it up on my twitter/fb to blow it up. Once everything is in place I’ll post on IPW myself. Get back to me when everything is ready (regarding what to do in case of disconnection, in case of slight schedule change, etc)


So no fun ah.


Cool, I’ll enter!


Make sure you register here!


Maybe I’m just reading wrong but are the finals are supposed to look like this?

  1. Players 1, 2, and 3 qualify.

  2. Player 1, 2, and 3 each roll a dice. The two highest rolling players play each other.

  3. The remaining player plays the winner for in the grand finals.

This is just a straight up bye into the final match. Isn’t that something to be avoided? Especially in the finals of a major.

Why not take 4 finalists in order to have a more even finals? Just add another round to the tournament. A daytime round would be nice for those of us who are busy in the evenings or night but could probably be there at 1 or 2 pm.



The time slot has to be resolved asap if you are taking rsvp now.
friday night will be disastrous.
shesho and ultra have already stopped doing casual tourneys on friday because of that.

also may I suggest that people who rsvp only have priority when it’s > 32.
the actual signup should still happen in the lobby like the other tourney.
people flake on these all the time.

also you can consider Round Robin for finals. But that might not be as exciting as elimination tourney.


I think the format for the finals is fine. It may be troublesome, though, due to connecting and disconnecting while many people try to spectate, but round robin would not fix that.


The finals “race to ten” is basically a three way first to ten wins. The first two players play one game. The winner stays and plays the third player. They play one game. Winner stays and plays then faces the other player. Repeat until someone gets ten wins.

We thought about doing a regular round robin but this format seems more exciting. But we’ll see how it turns out, especially in an online format.

I also considered having four finalists but this tournament is already going to go for four weeks and I don’t really want it going any longer than that.

I’m not available to run any daytime tournaments but that could be something to add for the next one and maybe someone can help with running that one. However, if players aren’t going to be available to play in the finals, it seems kind of pointless to run a daytime tournament for this particular series.



Online sign-ups will continue to be accepted after the 32 man pools are filled and players will be alternates (in the order received) for those who do not show up for the tournament. In addition, sign-ups will be accepted in the GGPO ST lobby before the tournament and those players will be added as additional alternates.


Signups are filling up fast. Sign up before it’s too late!

Also, first post updated.


To help keep pings as low as possible, we’re restricting it to players from North America only. (Sorry!)

why’d you register


Art, its probably easier to get at you in this thread at this point since you keep getting lost on the way to IRC.

Jump on irc or pm me your AIM or something, I have some new stream tech you can use for this tourney to make quality better for the stream.


Hey , i did just to add more competition, north America only cmon, if u look back casual ggpo tournaments yito (Mexico)has won a big chunk, mad_Zero (El Salvador) won the other day , kyoya (Mexico) also win , and who knows maybe i woulda hit 1 as well, just saying that if you dont have the latin flavor in it migth not be the best online competition you can get.


Dude your ping is terrible. Everyone knows this.


I would SO be in this if I wasn’t running a sad ping from South Korea! Kick some ass everyone!


Id try to be in. Gona get bodied though. These Sunday nite tournies are always fun.

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I didnt read every post, but is there a way to monitor to see if people are using macro?? its a bitch of a problem that i cant stand when people use


Mexico is in North America…

Or does North America for this tourney = US and Canada?


I initially was going to make this a US/Canada tournament only but I chose “North America” because I wanted to give Yito (Mexico) a chance to enter since he has been doing well and winning a number of the small tournaments people are running what seems like several times a week. I will say that I’ve played Yito a number of times and the connection can be okay at times but often times it’s quite a bit laggy and I’m probably closer to him than most players are. And Yito hasn’t registered for this tournament, so the idea kind of backfired.

A number of people have voiced their concerns about ping being a problem if they go against players from Latin America. And this is a understandable concern because other GGPO tournaments institute a ping limit of I believe 150ms.

This is an online tournament so it will obviously have it’s flaws but this tournament has gained a lot of interest already and is shaping up to be a big tournament and we want this to be unaffected by lag as much as possible so a ping limit may have to be implemented. Stay tuned.