The "king of ggpo" tournament


Ok, I get it now. Your lofty goal in life has been achieved.


I don’t mind watching rog get beat down, I also like that it was czar too. I don’t care how well he might play, czar just talks to much.

-trolls suck-


LoLoLoL, Cutwest butthurt because I alwasy expose his stupid alts. District Clan SUCKS, Garca|, Cutwest, they are all the same faggot.

Also, I love how he uses a 5 year old picture as his avatar never updated.


Me, Afro, and everyone watching agreed these weren’t serious matches because I did not play for THREE WEEKS and it was input laggy that day online. I was actually just supposed to play his Ryu, but wanted to play his other characters just for the fun of it while we were both there. We were both not worried about the win or loss and just wanted to have fun. This was all AGREED on.

Also due to the input lag grab timing was so off that I couldn’t even tick throw at many occasions and I messed up my jab headbutt.

Truth will set you free

Edit - I just rewatched some of the video and I missed a TON of jab headbutts from the input lag. Couldn’t even do my moves combined with rust from taking three weeks off so most of you are just proving how ignorant most of you are as usual.


Amazing what an entire 3 weeks can do to a rog player.


The games between you wasn’t serious, but the ass whoopin afro was serving you was hella SERIOUS. lulz.





-trolls suck-


I beat roybisel in an unofficial first to 10 and an official and supposed to be recorded first to 5 yesterday against his O Sagat.

People were all saying they were recording and putting it on youtube, so when I win all of a sudden it wasn’t uploaded.

Bunch of biased people…

You know if roybisel won that then it would have been uploaded and posted immediately, so when I win all of a sudden no one wants to post it up.

Coth_X talking trash, so come and back it up in a first to 5 or 10 tough guy.



get me the replay.ill up it


I would play you in a first to 10 whenever you like.

Wait… scratch that, I haven’t played for like 3 weeks so I won’t be at 100%.

I mean… I’ll play you, like, only casual matches ok? Not for my world title belt or anything - just good’ol casual fun matches.

Uh, but… ONLY if you play T-Hawk or Guile. You know, just for fun. Not serious.

Also, I just want to say that GGPO input lag makes me miss lots of throws in case I miss any.

My middle kick button is acting up as well.

If you see me just standing there it’s because I’m paying the pizza guy at the door.

And if it somehow freezes or drops it’s surely because of specs or the faulty GGPO program.

Please understand that this is a big deal for me to be facing the KING OF GGPO so that is why our matches will not count.



Czar and any of you if you want a record i can do it just let me know when, i upload no matter what result, i want a ft10 vs czar a ft7 vs dsp and dj i just want half round with you.


I don’t have it but there were like 16 specs. This guy named pioneer said he was recording it, uploading it, and then posting it on SRK.

Also -TheBastard- was there specing so maybe he has it. He was the official score keeper.

As for Decoy, beat Ritual first before I even consider someone of your level because you use Blanka so that alone is pretty much an automatic loss for you.

Also papercut has never beat me in a set ever and I have played him in about 5 sets in the past and it was always me taking him to the wood shed.


Backup what? I said you talk too much and you do. What are we gonna rap battle in the ggpo chat room?


OMG paper that picture is hilarious.

-trolls suck-


the wood shed lol

  1. I’ve never been to a wood shed with you before.
  2. I’ve never played you before, if I did, I wouldn’t know because you have too many accounts. If i did, I was probably not playing serious, there was input lag, it was casual so no one was keeping score, I probably won but no one uploaded the vid, Jesus died for our sins, etc…
  3. It’s impossible for me to play you because I have all your accounts on mute.
  4. And last, LuLz. umad


Dat rap battle.


Rap battle?



I think a prerequisite for king of ggpo is he should be able to be respectful and humble.

Does that sound reasonable? Oh wait no, only trolls qualify for king of ggpo.

-trolls suck-