The "king of ggpo" tournament


Fuck how did that T3 akuma player find this forum and start spamming

-trolls suck-


I did a FT10 with czar just now. He raged after losing 5 to 1. Nice sportsmanship there your highness.


He doesn’t mind winning though. So he actually rage quit?

-trolls suck-


And this is DSP favorite tune:


Obviously Czar was not playing seriously. He was not worried about the win or loss and just wanted to have fun. This was all AGREED on, did you not understand?

He couldn’t even tick throw you because of the input lag.

Also where the hell is the video when Czar beat roybisel in an unofficial first to 10 and an official and supposed to be recorded first to 5 yesterday against his O Sagat?

ALSO, where is the video where Czar took you to the wood shed?


DSP has lvld a lot, Im sure he could win any char lock tournament now, since ppl cant simply countepick


random reply
i was at EVO2K3 and saw all these matches live, i think Daigo was his absolute peak back then, putting on brilliant performances in a variety of games
(Daigo vs David Sirlin in ST)
when Daigo pulls off the OS DP on Sirlin, the whole audience was amazed and stunned. The video doesn’t capture how it came off live.


(Daigo vs Ricky Ortiz in 3S)
A forgotten classic match, Ricky sends Daigo to losers, RIcky wins by decision ( but EVO rules are against this via Chun Li glitch ), they do another set, Daigo clobbers him, then being the gentleman he is, Daigo offers RIcky another set because he feels bad and just waxes him with some insane rushdown

(Daigo vs K.O. in 3S)
Whenever these two faced off in 3s, you were bound to see some classic exchanges, probably my favorite 3s match ever

(Daigo vs BAS in CvS2)
Daigo rapes the best CvS2 player in the world

This dude is X-factor made flesh, never truly the best, but when it’s time for business,shit kicks in and he just becomes a beast.

PS Daigo rarely shows any emotion, even if he’s mad…BUT!!! one time at Family Fun in Granada Hills I witnessed The Beast in rare form. It was 2004 and The World Championships of 3S were being held in Southern CA, Daigo was playing his CvS2 match against a friend of Justin Wong, he loses his first match really bad on the American cab and he takes a moment to himself. Daigo puts a token in, tilts his head a bit and picks his characters,after the selection he just holds start and stares into the screen for what seems like forever. Daigo’s opponent was so shook he didn’t mash the buttons to speed up the VS screen. Daigo held the start button right until the announcer said “FIGHT” and at that moment he unleashed hell on that poor boy’s soul.Poor dude literally got buttfucked gayporn style the next two games.


THAT must be ur favorite quote of 2012, at least it is for me now XD


As for this whole CZAR Situation, I was present and afro legends ripped you a new asshole. Everyone watched you get raped all that week as you keep rechallanging afro over and over. I also watched roy rape you so I don’t even wanna hear that nonsense.

Decoy you just should let him talk it’s all he’s good at.

You should stick to trolling on ggpo then posting on SRK.
You just make yourself look even worse then you already are.


If you’re referring to mtsac kid, that’s not Watson.


Ive played Czar on GGPO and he raged after 7 losses. Excuses?

“i cant tick throw cause of the lag”


“you only got lucky cause i dont know the matchup”

Cant tick but can hit perfect reversals every time i baited with on wakeup.

PROTIP - After you hit him, use a normal/move that beats dash punch cause hell use it right after. He does it every single time.

EDIT: CUTWEST is Garca|? rofl the things i did to him on GGPO.


Cutwest is a lot of people, dude claims to be some big huge body builder but is on YouTube trolling peoples accounts 24/7, comes on here to troll, gets on ggpo to troll, been using the same fake picture for years.

He’s District Clan Sucks, GarCa|, Cutwest and a few others, dude needs a life lol.


that means Pasky is Cutwest! OMG! dont thank me :wink:


Yeah it’s official, you really are as ignorant as you put off.


Im not the one who is ignorant enough to invent new words LOL


Why are you editing my post? I typed official. I think you need your head examined


Move to USA then


I heard that somebody named Violent_Force was looking for you… Who’s Keyboard_Killer? Who’s hyoubals_deep? Who’s KenSkywalker? Who’s Cami-Jun? Who’s SunPakYung? Some scrub named TriForceGayMaster thought he was good in ST when he challenged me…


Best thread in ST forums :smile:


Too good!