The "king of ggpo" tournament


Great idea. Thanks papasi!

Will you be available to assist with this before the tourney starts?

Also, please note where you are on the signup page (in the first 32 or listed as an alternate). Though we don’t know how many people may not show up and how many alternates can get in, you should be able to have a general idea of your chances to get in.


Doing GGPO test stream now:


The stream looks great! Big thanks to you and Kuroppi for putting this together! :smiley:


Can i still enter? didn’t know about this until just now, lol.


List of players who have signed up are here:

The 32 bracket has filled up a while ago but we’re still taking sign ups as alternates and you can even try to sign up in GGPO before the tournament (you never know). I know a couple of people who made the 32 have stated they probably can’t make it now so there will at least be a couple of alternates who make it in. As with any tournament (online or offline) people will flake or have something come up so I would expect a number of alternates to make it in.

In retrospect, I should have opened the signups to round one only and open round two after the first tournament finished and round three next week, so that players who found out about this late, could have a good shot at entering. Live and learn.

We’ll do it that way for the next one. :slight_smile:


I see, well i have already registered in you page, if i can’t make it i’ll try in the next one.


Cleared my friday night just to watch people play Super Turbo online

Fuck yeah


I would enter , but have a shitty wifi connection only right now =(


When are the brackets coming out?


When the tournment starts.


I apologize, I missed the link in the first post. I did say it was a stupid question :slight_smile:


Thanks to iplaywinner!


Too good, this’ll really help pass the time I’m trapped at work


Never played ST (Unfortunately…) but fuck I’m so hyped to watch this.





a huge list of players and characters


stream (hasn’t started yet)


might wanna tell everyone to /ignore lastscene/gongjoo


opening cinema cammy is kinda funny looking

gogo krost!

gogo megaman3d!



  1. SliceEveryone (Boxer)
  2. -TheBastard- (Zangief)
  3. Krost (O. Ken)

SliceEveryone advances to the FINALS.

Big thanks to Papasi for helping out big time with the brackets. Thanks to Deadfrog for chat control. :slight_smile: And special thanks to Mizuki and SkiSonic for dropping by and providing commentary! And of course, Sabin for the awesome stream!

Round 2 is next Friday. See you there!


thx to everyone, sorry for the early technical problems early on but i got it figured out lol