The "king of ggpo" tournament





a huge list of players and characters


stream (hasn’t started yet)


might wanna tell everyone to /ignore lastscene/gongjoo


opening cinema cammy is kinda funny looking

gogo krost!

gogo megaman3d!



  1. SliceEveryone (Boxer)
  2. -TheBastard- (Zangief)
  3. Krost (O. Ken)

SliceEveryone advances to the FINALS.

Big thanks to Papasi for helping out big time with the brackets. Thanks to Deadfrog for chat control. :slight_smile: And special thanks to Mizuki and SkiSonic for dropping by and providing commentary! And of course, Sabin for the awesome stream!

Round 2 is next Friday. See you there!


thx to everyone, sorry for the early technical problems early on but i got it figured out lol


No surprise SliceEveryone won, he has a real solid Boxer.


prays someone recorded these. completely forgot this was pst time…


For the record. SliceEveryone = Czar.
Also big ups to TheBastard aka Sesshomaru for finally shutting his haters (Ultracombo (Anorexic Jackass) and Cigarbob (Fat fucker forever alone) the fuck up right once and for all.


GGs Dngr, rcaido, Mizuki, and Reign. Y’all play this game too much :razz: I will see you guys next Friday night, possibly sooner if you guys can get the room filled up like that on a nightly basis.


Oh good someone said it, I didn’t want to be the scrub to ask


Here you go!


Just found out about this, I’ll try to get in next Friday (if I can get GGPO to actually work on my PC before then, LOL).


u are gdlk sir…


Kuroppi, papasi, & sabin thanks for doing this…You guys hyping up SF2! Was a fun tourney, im ready for the next one! GGs to all my opponents yesterday!


i keep missin out:(


Hype for ST is through the roof with all this front page coverage! Damn I wish I wasn’t working Friday nights. Thanks for the vids Kuroppi, can’t wait to catch the next tourney on vid.

This thread needs to be stickied.


Yeah, King of GGPO blew up more than I expected it to. Will try to improve my stream ayout for next week. to minimize glitches and bugs. I bet we can get double the viewers for next week


Gonna enjoy watching these matches, good stuff! I was pulling for Megaman 3D. SliceEveryone is CzarRu? That would make sense, I can’t remember the last time I played or spoke to him on XBL.


Great tournie. Good vids. Good fun all around. Nice to see some of the GGPO peeps on SRK. Looking forward to the next round… only wish I would have seen this in time to enter.