The "king of ggpo" tournament


Great tournie. Good vids. Good fun all around. Nice to see some of the GGPO peeps on SRK. Looking forward to the next round… only wish I would have seen this in time to enter.


King of GGPO - Round 1
Final : SliceEveryone vs -TheBastard- min 5:46
Semis : krost vs -TheBastard-


Talked it over with Sabin and Papasi and the 10PM PST start worked very well with the connection issues we were worried about so all future tournaments will now begin at 10PM PST. I know it’s late for you East Coasters so sorry about that but it’s the best thing to do for the quality of the tournament.


Thanks for the stream. Can’t wait for this weeks tourney.


Hey kuroppi can you fix my nickname? Its wrong in you results page.


Oops, fixed it.


Front paged again, wil probably be embedded tonight as well, get hype


I’ve slept a grand total of 18 hours from Sunday up till today. And ah, I feel good. I think I’m going to do ok tonight. Good luck to all the players entered tonight. Wish me luck too.:tup:



  1. Kyouya (Dictator)
  2. Hyphenated (Fei Long)
  3. Ultracombo (O. Sagat)
  4. CigarBoB (Ken)
  5. DJ Reign (Blanka)
  6. MadZero (E. Honda)
  7. Yito2K (Dhalsim)
  8. TechnicalMonkey (Chun-Li)

Kyouya advances to the FINALS.



Once again, big thank you to Papasi for helping run the brackets. CigarBoB and Techmonkey for commentary. Sabin for the kickass stream.

Round 3 is next Friday. The last qualifier! See you there!


id love to see this happen for MvC1



I wish i wasnt busy that 1st Friday night…
I’d definintly would have liked to be in this tourney



Listen to this man.


Round 3 signups updated:


My side pocket Sideways, and when i pop it I leave a Nickel Sideways for 5 days…

I’m takin this tourney
Everyone else GET DOWN OR LAY DOWN


Round 3 tonight guys


This is the last qualifer so it’s time to bring it!





  1. Megaman3D (Claw)
  2. UCB (O. Sagat)
  3. Madzero (E. Honda)
  4. SteveTren (Ryu)
  5. Hyphen-ated (Fei Long)
  6. Fromo (Blanka)
  7. TheMuffinMan (DeeJay)
  8. DNGR S PAPERCUT (T. Hawk)

Megaman3D advances to the FINALS.


Big thank you to Papasi for helping run the brackets. Skisonic and Techmonkey for commentary. Sabin for the kickass stream.

Finals are next Friday!


Yes, thx to papasi (unsung hero i always forget to thank him), kuroppi, ski and tech. see you guys next week im heading back to the states