The "king of ggpo" tournament


id love to see this happen for MvC1



I wish i wasnt busy that 1st Friday night…
I’d definintly would have liked to be in this tourney



Listen to this man.


Round 3 signups updated:


My side pocket Sideways, and when i pop it I leave a Nickel Sideways for 5 days…

I’m takin this tourney
Everyone else GET DOWN OR LAY DOWN


Round 3 tonight guys


This is the last qualifer so it’s time to bring it!





  1. Megaman3D (Claw)
  2. UCB (O. Sagat)
  3. Madzero (E. Honda)
  4. SteveTren (Ryu)
  5. Hyphen-ated (Fei Long)
  6. Fromo (Blanka)
  7. TheMuffinMan (DeeJay)
  8. DNGR S PAPERCUT (T. Hawk)

Megaman3D advances to the FINALS.


Big thank you to Papasi for helping run the brackets. Skisonic and Techmonkey for commentary. Sabin for the kickass stream.

Finals are next Friday!


Yes, thx to papasi (unsung hero i always forget to thank him), kuroppi, ski and tech. see you guys next week im heading back to the states


Results for all three rounds:

Round 3 videos:



King of ggpo Tournament - Round 3
FInal ** ** : Ultracombo vs MEGAMAN3D, min : 4 15
Semis ** ** : Ultracombo vs Mad Zero


FINALS are going down tonight @ 10PM PST! GET HYPE!



Congrats to SliceEveryone for winning The “KING OF GGPO” Tournament!

  1. SliceEveryone (Boxer)
  2. Kyouya (Dictator)
  3. Megaman3D (Claw)

SliceEveryone (10 wins) - Kyouya (4 wins) - Megaman3D (2 wins)

The 2nd “KING OF GGPO” Tournament to be announced in the near future! :slight_smile:


Congrats to all of the finalists!

Major thanks to Kuroppi and Sabin for making this happen! It’s super appreciated! Also, big thanks to Papasi for helping to run the tournaments, Technical Monkey and Skisonic for taking time to do commentary, and everyone that entered for making the turnout so good!

I’m looking forward to the next once since it can only get better from here!


Yes, SliceEveryone is one of the names I use on GGPO and I change names about once a week. I don’t have a good reputation because I troll the GGPO chat quite a bit. Players like Norieaga remember my trolling from my HDR days as has been seen in the what other players message you after you beat them thread and the bad games thread. ST is stress relief and anger management for me and playing with Balrog, talking trash, and trolling gets rid of my stress and anger.

If any of you players from HDR want to have a go versus me to see where our skill is at now such as Norieaga or milesokeefe then feel free to come on ggpo and bring it.

As the current best player online in ST as proven by this objective tournament, I feel I finally proved to everyone that talked trash why the belt and the crown is on me and not them. Haters can keep hating but they either got eliminated or did not enter the tournament either through fear or for whatever other excuse they could make. There were three weeks to qualify and this tournament could have easily fit someone’s schedule. Offline scenes and tournaments are scarce to non existant in ST for many areas so players like myself can only prove ourselves online.

Obviously you can’t judge an online tournament too strictly and call out errors because of input delay and more. There are times when you grab someone and the input just drops even though the timing is near perfect. That is part of online though and as long as ping isn’t 150+ then one can usually adjust because GGPO netcode is the best netcode going right now.

Thank you for the tournament and I am glad that I have proven that I hold the holy grail of skill for ST.

I am the King of GGPO.

SliceEveryone… because I don’t discriminate with my hate.

May my throne be bloody. May my rule provide pain. May my palace be covered in blood. May I continue to SliceEveryone.


I think this post of yours only proves how much of a dick you are. But hey! Who cares? YOU"RE THE CHAMP! WOOHOO!!!

And before you go ahead and try and talk shit to me… I’ll see you on GGPO and make sure you invite all of your friends to watch us play. Because you will fight me in a first to 10 and the result is not going to be what you expect.You will FRY.



The audio is a little out of sync after I joined all the individual match videos but here is the video:



Balrog pretty much beats Blanka for free and I do not remember losing a set to a Blanka with Balrog in years. What makes your Blanka any different than the rest? I’ll be glad to play you, but you will probably be too scared to show up. I’m not hard to find to arrange matches if you are on GGPO ST chat.