The "king of ggpo" tournament


Art, its probably easier to get at you in this thread at this point since you keep getting lost on the way to IRC.

Jump on irc or pm me your AIM or something, I have some new stream tech you can use for this tourney to make quality better for the stream.


Hey , i did just to add more competition, north America only cmon, if u look back casual ggpo tournaments yito (Mexico)has won a big chunk, mad_Zero (El Salvador) won the other day , kyoya (Mexico) also win , and who knows maybe i woulda hit 1 as well, just saying that if you dont have the latin flavor in it migth not be the best online competition you can get.


Dude your ping is terrible. Everyone knows this.


I would SO be in this if I wasn’t running a sad ping from South Korea! Kick some ass everyone!


Id try to be in. Gona get bodied though. These Sunday nite tournies are always fun.

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I didnt read every post, but is there a way to monitor to see if people are using macro?? its a bitch of a problem that i cant stand when people use


Mexico is in North America…

Or does North America for this tourney = US and Canada?


I initially was going to make this a US/Canada tournament only but I chose “North America” because I wanted to give Yito (Mexico) a chance to enter since he has been doing well and winning a number of the small tournaments people are running what seems like several times a week. I will say that I’ve played Yito a number of times and the connection can be okay at times but often times it’s quite a bit laggy and I’m probably closer to him than most players are. And Yito hasn’t registered for this tournament, so the idea kind of backfired.

A number of people have voiced their concerns about ping being a problem if they go against players from Latin America. And this is a understandable concern because other GGPO tournaments institute a ping limit of I believe 150ms.

This is an online tournament so it will obviously have it’s flaws but this tournament has gained a lot of interest already and is shaping up to be a big tournament and we want this to be unaffected by lag as much as possible so a ping limit may have to be implemented. Stay tuned.


Ill join for support. Kuroppi if you an arturo needs help let me know…


Please note the new start time, 10PM PST, for this Friday’s tournament (Round 1).

Due to concerns with connection problems and due to Sabin’s availability, we need to move the start time back one hour for the first tournament. Sorry for the inconvenience but this change needed to be made to help with the quality of the tournament.

In addition, there will be a ping limit of 150. We will check pings before the start of the tournament. Players whose pings exceed 150 will be replaced with an alternate.


This sounds awesome. I know this might be a stupid question but will there be a stream? Or do we just tune in on GGPO and watch the matches?


And I went through all that trouble putting the stream link in the banner and posts. :wink:

Sabin will be streaming on his channel:

We would like all spectators (in game and out of game) to use the stream to keep the games free of any spectator lag.

Edit: Plus you get to hear Sabin’s great commentary! :tup:


Looking at the signup page, I saw many non-regulars entering.

From my experience playing/running ggpo online tourneys, the most annoying thing is unable to connect.

You’d often have two guys blocking the whole tourney because they cannot connect.

Most likely it’s because their ports are not forwarded correctly (they will tell you it’s forwarded), and they were playing fine with other players because the other guys set it up properly.

I strongly suggest requesting all participants to test their ggpo setup before friday and make sure it works properly. Instead of waiting until friday when kuroppi enters you into the tourney and then you get stuck.

forward UDP ports 6000-6009 to your computer
follow instructions from

download open check port tool

test UDP ports 6000-6009

if everyone can do that and test it prior to the tourney, it would probably make this a successful tourney

(if time permits, during the ping checks, the participants should challenge sabin from EC and cigarbob from WC and make sure they can connect)


Great idea. Thanks papasi!

Will you be available to assist with this before the tourney starts?

Also, please note where you are on the signup page (in the first 32 or listed as an alternate). Though we don’t know how many people may not show up and how many alternates can get in, you should be able to have a general idea of your chances to get in.


Doing GGPO test stream now:


The stream looks great! Big thanks to you and Kuroppi for putting this together! :smiley:


Can i still enter? didn’t know about this until just now, lol.


List of players who have signed up are here:

The 32 bracket has filled up a while ago but we’re still taking sign ups as alternates and you can even try to sign up in GGPO before the tournament (you never know). I know a couple of people who made the 32 have stated they probably can’t make it now so there will at least be a couple of alternates who make it in. As with any tournament (online or offline) people will flake or have something come up so I would expect a number of alternates to make it in.

In retrospect, I should have opened the signups to round one only and open round two after the first tournament finished and round three next week, so that players who found out about this late, could have a good shot at entering. Live and learn.

We’ll do it that way for the next one. :slight_smile:


I see, well i have already registered in you page, if i can’t make it i’ll try in the next one.


Cleared my friday night just to watch people play Super Turbo online

Fuck yeah