The King of Kong

The King of Kong is a new documentary coming out later this year. It focuses on classic gaming and specifically a Justin Wong-like Donkey Kong player who comes out of nowhere to challenge the world record holder, Billy Mitchell, who you may remember from those Mtv or VH1 specials - the guy who looked like Jesus who had the hot sauce business.

Here is the trailer:

Here is the official site:

did that fool seriously compare video games to abortion? haha…this looks like pure comedy…middle aged old men clinging to their last hope of some sort of lame fame.

Bah. I’m waiting for that Ron Jeremy documentary, The King Of Dong.

maybe he meant that abortion and video games are like in that they are both awesome, if so then i completely agree.

donkey kong…ain’t got nothin’ on ME!! /denzel

DK was the hardest of the classic games? doesnt it only have like 4 levels? I woulda thought something else would be a lot harder like Galaga or something.

i was thouroughly entertained by this trailer. reminds me of certain members of this site, lol.

I saw this already because my friend’s sister worked for the production company. It’s awesome. My only minor complaint about it is that as a documentary, it’s not very impartial. You can totally tell that the director hated Billy Mitchell (with good reason, he’s a total douche).

Another really good movie that I saw at the LA Film Festival a couple days ago was “Chasing Ghosts,” which is also about the classic arcade scene. Billy Mitchell comes off much better in this one.

lol Billy needs to bathe in his hot sauce since he thinks he’s hot stuff.

man, if I had the pac-man and dk world records, some guy would start something with me Id be like “aight fool, do you know who I am?! I am the muthafuckin KING of pac-man. I make that shit work! I set the record! what record did you set? being a little bitch thats what!”. Id be waaaay beyond the borders of cockyness. why? because its pac-man.

pac-man, a classic. but damn I hate that game with a passion

people in LA - special screening with the director and Steve on Thursday-

This movie was the pick for the SxSW film festival. I’ve known about this movie for a while, I’m going to see it down at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar in Austin. If you live in Austin or near it and you want to see this show, go to South Lamar at Austin. Some of the cast will be there and people will get to play Donkey Kong on the big screen.

“No matter what I say, it draws controversy. Sort of like the abortion issue.”

ahahaha, that’s such a good line

looks interesting, doesn’t he have the pacman world record too?

This opens TODAY in New York and Los Angeles!

If you are on SRK, you will really enjoy this movie.

Alamo Drafthouse of Austin has it too. gogogogogogogo

This movie better win best documentary at the Oscars next year just for the abortion line alone.

I’ve heard it’s in Seattle too.


I saw this at the Nuart theatre in LA last night with a bunch of co-workers. It’s really funny, more than bang the machine was. I’d recommend anyone to go see it.

Billy Mitchell is a punk bitch :slight_smile:

i was in NY yesterday with some time to kill so decided to catch this for a second time

such a great movie

i hope it gets a good dvd release