The King of the Fighters Tournament: Philadelphia,PA Oct. 23, 24, & 25 Big $ Prizes!

King of the Fighters Tournament at the Philadelphia GameX Industry Summit

Up to $25,000 in Cash & Prizes (MadCatz gear will be prevalent!)
October 23, 24, & 25
This is a full blown three day tournament!

The King of the Fighters Tournament aspires to be the premiere East Coast fighting game tournament. The tournament will be set inside the GameXpo Industry Summit Convention, around a full size boxing ring complete with spectator seating. Raising the bar for event coverage, alongside will be professionally streaming the whole event and interviewing winners and tournament favorites along the way.

Tournament Information:

Four Featured Game Tournaments
Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue, Dead or Alive 4, Soul Calibur 4

?Entry Fee: $12 for your initial game. $7+ for each additional game.*

?Featured game tournament brackets will have prizes for their first, second, and third place participants respectively based on the number of entrants. All tournaments will be double elimination except for the King of the Fighters Tournament bracket.

?The first place winner of each of the four featured fighting game brackets will be awarded a seat in the King of the Fighters Tournament bracket.

?An intuitive new ranking system will track each player?s progress through every bracket they participate in. The four highest ranks will be awarded a seat in the King of the Fighters Tournament bracket. (You might not win your featured game bracket but if you?ve earned enough ranking through the other games, you?ll make it to the King of the Fighters Tournament bracket.)

?The King of the Fighters Tournament bracket will hold eight of the highest skilled entrants. (More details on the system coming soon) The winner of this bracket will be awarded the ultimate prize package this event has to offer and will walk away with the title King of the Fighters 2009.

?Standard rule sets for already existing tournaments and games will be in effect for their respective games. (More information coming soon)

Event Information:
?A FULL 16? x 16? Boxing Ring will be used to host favorite and featured matches!

?Bleachers will be set up so spectators can view the matches being projected above the players.

? and will be professionally streaming the three day event so gamers at home that couldn?t make it to the event can watch this amazing tournament LIVE!

?Many well known professional fighting gamers will be in attendance including Trainers from

Follow NoobTube on Twitter and check for more information.

DISCOUNT : Use this promotional code for $3 off one-day pass or $9 off 3-day pass to GameX* : KOTF

*King of the Fighters Tournament entry fee is a seperate fee and is not included in GameXpo Admission. GameXpo admission is required in order to participate in King of the Fighters Tournament.

original post:

rules coming soon :slight_smile:

$25,000 in prizes?

So you have to pay to enter the event an addition to the tourney fee? :wonder:

No King of Fighters XII?

The irony :rofl:

its gonna be more like game unicon.
it is a convention but for the competitors they get $10 shaved off the price.

GAME SUMMIT!!! I like it, > 2 hits SF4?!?!!? >5 hits BB?!?!?!? The entry fees look funky O_O


Hey Shidosha,

Thanks for posting this before I got the chance to. Hey everyone. I’m one of the administrators running the event. I’m sorry the entry fee might seem pricey with admission to the convention.

Aaron and Myself over at VOLUNTEERED to run the event. We’re not even getting paid. We wanted to run a bad ass extravagant event for gamers and spectators. We’ve been developing the concept for this tournament from the ground up in terms of design.

We wanted to run it at the convention because that gives us spectators. PLUS, all the sponsors and industry members will be in the building grazing by the tournament all day. The exposure here is huge. I’m trying to do a service to the community by putting exposure, video, live stream, and a professional touch on this Tournament so gamers can start getting taken seriously by mainstream media.

If you didn’t know NBC is a partner in running this convention.

I don’t know about you but I think it’s worth it to be put in a building with all this attention and other professional gamers. It’s going to turn into a huge party.

$35 3-day pass, and $33 to play ALL games if you want to enter all of them. If you use the $9 discount we have on the site, it’s $59. When I can release more information, I’m going to convince you it’ll be worth it :smiley:

OH yeah prizes…

Our Goal is to pay the winner of each bracket $4 -$5k and still give a load to 2nd and 3rd place. Then the King of the Fighters Bracket gets another chunk of that plus gear and were working on getting the winner an endorsement deal. This is all pending and unofficial but these are our goals. We’re still working on it with NBC.

I’ll be there for this tourney! Chaos, lets roll over there together my nig!

So is it multiple tournaments for sf4 or only one?


Each game will have an individual bracket with a prize for first. 70/20/10 split

no prob

I’m reposting this here so people have an idea what they might be paying to get in. I’ll be going to this.
Hopefully it’s a one day tourney, prices for the three day tickets are high.

Then with those prices also add in the discount and entry fees

So if it’s 1 day than the price is
17 - 3 = 14
14 + 12 = 26 + 7 = 33
So it’s $26 if you plan on only playing one game $33 for two. add $7 for any other game.

if the tournament is more than one day your going to want the 3 day pass. This is when it starts to get a bit too high

35 - 9 = 26
26 + 12 = 38 + 7 = 45
So it’s $38 if you plan on only playing one game $45 for two. add $7 for any other game.

So it starts to get a bit expensive around multiple days.

This is pretty much going to end up being a hardcore tournament. You not going to see too many casuals joining this one.

So is it 1 tournament spread out over 3 days or just 3 different ones for sf4?


hope they keep their word about $25000

cuz you know, there are many scams with fighting game tournament

interesting, ill decide once i know more, and everything is clarified

Anyone see this?

Claims that the “King of Fighters” tournament has been postponed.
This is a little confusing because the main GameX site ( still has the info up there.