The Kitchen thread

Yes, the kitchen thread, possibly the only good thing to come out of the Aeronyx fiasco.

So I’ve been looking at this grill:

Any thoughts?

My mom has a large foreman she doesn’t use that I might see if I can get, but I’ve been hearing buzz about the Rocket one as well.

nothing better than a german bread knife that cuts through pork bone

you read her thread and thought you needed to make a kitchen thread???:woot:

^yessir. :smiley:

@angelpalm: German bread knife? any manufacturers in specific you like? I’ve been looking at a lot of japanese cutlery, since they have a reputation for being generally high quality

Outside of Basic Pots and Pans, what do you think is the essential Kitchen accessory?

I vote Coffee Pot.

^Microwave imho.

That is so great, it makes me forget about the infraction I got in that thread that won’t go away till christ returns!!!:woot:

Are ceramic peelers worth it? Or am I just better off with only a good paring knife?

I need a recommendation for a cheap way to store knives.

btw, from the old cooking thread:

Once you get good with a paring knife you won’t need a peeler. Yet, a peeler is pretty handy and I think it easier to use then a paring knife when you have lots of stuff to peel. You could just pick up a $10 peeler and be set.

You could get knife covers that are pretty cheap. You could probably make your own knife block. I doubt it’s that hard. At least it doesn’t look difficult.

Oh and for essential kitchen accessory, microwave.

Forget you all. Subzero freezer + Viking cooktop range assit = a man’s top tier cooking battlestation.

Knife blocks are easy as heck, just take a block of wood as long as your longest knife, and cut squares into it a bit wider than the knife’s width. Not bigger than the handle’s width though, otherwise you’ll lose the knife in there.

However, it’s best to buy a set. Or, wait for an infomercial that comes with a free set of knifes + block, and return the trinket and keep the free gift :tup:

Things every kitchen needs.

Stove/Cooktop (try to get an oven to go with it too, but if your pad is small go for the stove instead. Smaller places means smaller cooking, which is usually stove stuff)
Coffee pot (possibly, I just stick with Bawls)
Toaster (possibly, but the oven works just as well. Throw something in on some tin foil, heat it up to 300 or so, and when the preheat is done whatever’s in there should be toasted. It’s all preference though)

And I’d take a foreman over a rocket grill, but foreman’s are kinda hard to clean.
And I’ma make flanksteak out of whoever says men can’t cook.

I saw one of these at the checkout in Walmart grocery shopping a few weeks ago and decided to give it a shot. I normally ignore the As Seen On TV merchandise, but I like hard boiled eggs but it’s too much effort to boil just a few.

Egg Genie

Only cost me 20 bucks and it was worth it to me, I use it probably twice a week. I get four dozen fresh farm raised eggs every week for dirt cheap too.

Yo seriously…


get that foreman, I love mine

paring knives (both birds beak and standard) are worth the money, once you get used to them you will be fine.

Ceramic peelers are pretty nice though, ceramics are harder and can hold a sharper edge longer than metal, but be careful about dropping them because ceramic is prone to cracking. for peelers they are cool, but not for knives they don’t have the flex that allows for cutting around or the power to get through bones, they would only be used for boneless meats and veggies.

Another made for tv product that actually works is a nifty little item called the green bag:

A tmuscle editor did a review on them for comparison with no storage at all, the green bags kept the fruit fresh longer, not a big deal if you eat all your stuff right away, but if not, could be a neat purchase.

I know for sure wal-mart sells them

Basto: Imma get that Foreman :tup:

Not to turn this into a TV product that works thread, but the Ove Gloves are very helpful. The pair I use have stood up to a ton and work great. They’re so much better than regular oven mitts or pot-holders.

Maybe I should check those out, cuz I always have to throw away fruits when I buy some. and I think you will be happy with your foreman, makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches man

Any of you guys try this? I saw it at Walmart the other day and thought about picking it up to make myself some Egg McMuffin win. :rofl:

Oh yeah, my family uses those green bags quite a bit. They do work, but only if you plan on storing stuff for a while like ya said.

Pretty good, though you will find yourself not using it as much as you thought…

I love eggs too but man is it really that hard to make eggs that you need to buy one of these?