The Knick: Surgery Recommences October 16th

Idk why we never had s thread before. That soundtrack. That camerawork.

Damn nigga we got a TV thread.

This show is meeeeeeh at best. So I’m gonna need you to use those mod powers to shut this down.


If i see you in the streetz ima slap the shit outta you. I swear with @RockBogart as my camera man, @Manx and @orochizoolander as my monologue writer and @“Shaft Agent” 's rich ass providing funds exectutive producing the whole shebang.

You trying to tell me the DBZ thread is worth more than a discussion of Soderbergh’s lighting? I know we got a tv thread, me and Shaft and Rock were the only ones bumping it all of Season 1. And I figured it deserved it’s own thread as much as Algernod deserved his own practice seeing as it is the greatest show Cinemax ever produced (Sorry Banshee/Strike Back, yall are #2).

Yo dont like it? Hold it and fuck outta my thread before I inflict your av’s scenario upon your face. @KillaFox @KillaFox @KillaFox

I need to watch this show.

Stop right there little fella, DBZ and this mediocre garbage aren’t even in the same league. That’s how I know you a fuccboi.

This shit isn’t touch Hannibal, Banshee, Ballers, Ophan Black, Person of Interest, and none of those quality shows have there own thread.

And a lil b fan threatening physical violence? Stop it kid before I take that lunch money and bribe Wiz with a mcrib and get that ass demodded


Hold that. @Syke1 lil ass nigga.

I thought this were going to be a thread about the New York Knicks :disappointed:

FT10 me in MvC2 you hoe @KillaFox lmao
Have Task Force finish you off

I thought some basketball player needed surgery or something.
Kinda disappointed by this thread now.

@Manx @“Shaft Agent” what did you think of the premiere? Wasnt able to catch it last night but I got some xanax and Jameson right now and am about to watch.

I don’t watch this show. Yet.


i’m about to watch it right now.

I just started watching it a few days ago. I’m on episode 3 and the show is a fun watch if you have dig history and medicine.

This show still has the most beautiful use of gore I have ever seen on film.