The Known UAS Glitches Thread


In order to avoid having to sift through the various glitch threads that have been arising, I thought having a single thread for all of them would be more useful. I’ll start with one that I found recently:

[list]Camera went out of whack: I was using Joe the Condor, and the opponent was Mega Man Volnutt. I did an air combo, and after landing I normal jumped and he air threw me. After getting up, the camera moved off axis (as if it was drunk) and fixed itself after Mega Man used Machine Gun Sweep.[/list]
Possible Explanation: When doing air combos, the camera shifts angle automatically when you reach a certain height. Mega Man was able to throw me before the camera went back to normal, so that might have something to do with it.

[list]Ground Dash Glitch: You can dash a second time during a regular dash. The second one is faster and gives more distance. Performed by double tapping forward, then pressing forward again, followed by up/forward, and immediately releasing the last input.[/list]
Explanation: The third forward input counts as 1 of 2 needed for another dash. Up/forward counts as the 4th, but also includes a jump. Releasing up/forward before the character jumps causes them to interrupt the jump frames with a 2nd dash. This can be verified by turning on the key display in training mode. You should see 3 forward arrows and 1 up/forward arrow.

[list]Doronjo/Blade Camera Glitch: Tekkaman Blade goes off screen and the camera zooms out, showing the entire stage, its outskirts, and preventing the match from being finished. Time Over does not end the match.[/list]
Explanation: During Blade’s free fall state after his Crash Intrude (when he is unable to do anything), he is carried away by the giant ball and is prevented from ever landing.

[list]Joe the Condor DHC glitch:

Explanation: None.

[list]Casshern/Soki glitch:

Explanation: None.

[list]Casshern/Soki glitch:

Explanation: None.


Frank West can grab a zombie from the sky where he normally cannot.[/list]
Explanation: None.

[list]Air throw glitch:

Explanation: None.

Please post any new glitch discoveries or things I’ve missed here.


There’s the Joe the Condor DHC glitch. After comboing his 236 air super DHC after the second round of shurikens. If you time it right he’ll continue his cinematic while whatever partner you DHC’d into does their super. This’ll leave behind an after-image of Joe that acts as a sort of a wall for the opponent. This can also lead to invisibility somehow (shown in some Japanese video). Been confirmed w/ Blade’s crash interlude, Chun’s fireball super and Yatterman-2 (not sure which super, it’s probably possible with any DHC. You can make the after image go away, but I can’t remember if it’s by DHC’ing or switching into Joe.

Then there’s the Casshern/Souki character select screen glitch. If you select Casshern first at the select screen then you can combo B friender’s grab off of their 623 team super. If you choose Souki first you can’t.

There’s also the OTG bounce DHC with Zero… not sure if this is a glitch though.




I found some interesting tricks about airgrabs.


I dont know is this was already discovered.

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