The KOF Cup 2011 w/Hummer from JAPAN: 3-10-10 to 3-13-10: Juarez, MEX


Name: The KOF Cup 2011
Location: Central Park, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and other Location (contact for more details)

We are postponing Game of Death 2011 to rearrange it around The KOF Cup 2011 in March. Hummer will be present at this particular tournament instead! The 3rd chapter of Mexico vs. Japan will happen now! The 3rd and most intriguing chapter of Mexico vs. Japan up to this point is going to happen in Juarez, Mexico, right after Kula’s defeat in Juarez after the hands of Zeus, it is time to up the stakes BIG TIME!!

What’s at stake:
**1st place in 2002 gets a trip to Lima, Peru for MEXICO VS. PERU 2011 in June!!!
Chance to play vs. Hummer from Fukuoka, Japan for GGPO Bragging rights!

Yes that’s right we are talking about planning a full scale North vs. South 6 on 6 in 2002, summoning players such as Kula, Osmani, Bart, Skato, Alexis, Lalo, Zeus, Abraham, Khannibal, Esteban all in one particular tournament!!!

We know you all have heard Kula’s reply to the South Americans in regard to KOF, now it is time to see who will be the representative in Peru for Mexico in 2011!!!

Mexico leads Japan 1.5 to 0, will Hummer help Japan get on the board??? Will Mexico continue to show it’s power in KOF?

Will Zeus win AGAIN??? Is Kula ready to take on the USA in KOF13? (I will be the gatekeeper!!!)

All this to be decided at the KOF Cup-The TRI-National Championship for KOF 2002 (Mexico, USA, Fukuoka, Japan)

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KOF 2002 UM
KOF 13!!!
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