The KOF NeoWave Thread

I looked for a thread dedicated specifically for this game but nothing.

Anyway, Good Time’s just got it, and i want some pointers. Tentative tiers, easy combos to start off and such. Also, what’s up with the 3 different modes? which one’s the best? How do i get the secret character(s)? Some dude was playing young geese and wouldnt tell me how he got it…oh and Young Geese looks more like a youn rugal…

oh, and i’ve been using terry/ryo/iori if that helps…

Young Geese has a Deadly Rave that has invincible startup frames, meaning it goes through pretty much anything. Play this game pretty much like you would 2k, just knowing that Young Geese,Saisyu,and Jhun tournament wise own this game. Other than that the tiers are pretty much the same as 2k2, with Iori, Choi, and others running the show. Also know that the home Ps2 version has nearly every character frmo 2k2 except K999, apparently he wasnt well received or something. The three modes are SC, Guard Break and Max 2, with GB having Just Defense. Dude go to KOF Cyberfanatics and download all the NW vids to see exactly what I’m talking about.

About to play this game very soon, so I wanted to be sure I knew wwhat I was doing as far as the 3 different grooves go.

I just need someone to break down the grooves and explain everything that is enabled and disabled in each of the grooves.

And also, please explain how the Heat button is incorporated in these grooves?

The Heat button is basically a “power-up groove ala 98” to some degree. Its really only used to beef up the damage on combos. Your offense goes up but your health goes down while using it. You can use it ala BC style to return to neutral frame, and that is how the combos are used in it.

Yeah, I got it now. The official Neowave system page explained everything.

Fun game. I personally play o. yashiro / o. chris / vanessa at my arcade in max mode. :3

What makes each character top tier in this particular game? I know Young Geese is fucking stupidly good, what about the others? :smiley: Thanks guyz!

Can the heat button make combo’s longer?
Someone mentioned some young geese combos? May little list? Please:D
Also (sorry for the newbish) there’s this guy in the arcade bottom left hand corner. Kinda fire oriented, (Can’t remember his name) but anyways he has a ground fire ball like terry, and iori. He seems like a combo machine. Anyone got any combos/ strats for the guy?

Ah…Neowave. The arcade I work at used to have it, but they moved it to another one of our stores. I kinda miss it now.

Anyway, Top Tier when it we had it was Young Geese, Saishu (the guy on the bottom left), and either Kim, Iori, or Choi.

All you really need with Young Geese are his light kick attacks. They are insanely strong for what they are. Also, pressure with his Reppuken, and close in with HP, hcb+LP. His Deadly Rave will go through projectiles in the “invisible” part of the animation. It has some good priority, just be careful that it also trades with a lot of attacks.

With Saishu, he has NO lag on a long of his moves, and NO recovery on his Orochinagi super. He can be played in any style you want him to, but the one I’ve seen work the most is the aggro-pressure style. They’ll use his fireball to tick away at someone or make them jump (if using MAX2 mode), then react accordingly to what they see. Saishu’s fast enough to follow up his super if they decide to rush in.
His BnB would be HP, f+LP, qcf+P/dp+LK/qcb hcf+P.

They’ll mainly use this team in MAX2 mode, but for mirror matches, they’ll switch to Guard Break.

Yea Neowave is cool but young geese is mad cheap. Chris owns him free :tup:

Geese is stupid though…really really stupid…one of the stupidest bosses Ive ever played in my life…and I LOVE GEESE…=(

Heat mode can not necessarily extend combos, but it does more damage for sure. Take O. Yash’s jump d, st. c, hcbX2 pp combo, with heat activated through the whole combo it EQUALS DEATH… :clap:

2 bars with Vanessa in this game SC-MODE with more lax control=DEATH.(Easier than 2k2, and 2 bars=death not 3) The easier controls to me help, with me being a seasoned 2k2 veteran, makes everything all the more easier. Now I can get Joes SC 100% TK Heel combo in the corner 98% of the time. Heat makes the game different and it helps that you can press it again to cancel it.

***As far as the tiers go…last time I checked with Persona, she had Saisyu and Choi as GOD TIER.

Too bad the CPU Geese is as stupid as AOF2 Geese…what a shame

played this game a couple days ago, all i have to say is the control is atrocious. I dunno if it was this bad in the arcade, but you hella have to work for moves way more then in any other KOF game ive ever played, or just about any other game ive played period. I dunno how they fucked up the controls so bad, but its umm… bad.

nah, i didn’t think the control was that bad. it felt just like 2k2 to me.
hard enough to keep you on your toes, deff not as lax as say, 3S, but nothing crazy.

good times has it, i fucking hope they get Battle Coliseum soon…

final shodown might be confusing the title of “King of Fighters : Neowave” with "King of Fighters 2003 : The Suckfest"
either that or hes just playing on a ps2 pad, and sucks at doing motions.
you really have to be careful with them.
it could be a lot better, but its SNK and theyre lazy. Just use a stick if you wanna be safe.

… ah right… thats insulting…

anyway all i know is ive never had a problem with the moves in kof, and when that svc came out and everyone said dragon punchs and other random moves were hard i never had a problem. But this game moves have to acctualy be done exactly or something I dunno… Only thing maybe is maybe the burned version of the game i was playing was some early version of the game with shitty controls but I highly doubt it…

there’s alot of character’s like ralf dat take a shit load of damage in s/c mode. you can do standing c or couching c into ralf’s Gatling Attack cancell the 3rd hit in to the Ralf Tackle and then you can cancell dat into Bari Bari Vulcun Punch. or you can do this cancell the Gatling Attack into the(sdm)Bari Bari Vulcun Punch. and these combo’s are done without heat mode.

hah, dont worry FS - I was only saying that to insult 2k3… Well, it would be good to know what you were playing on, arcade or console. Cause the ps2 ports seem to be a lot more stiff in their motions… Ive been playing kof for a number of years and I had to practice to get down like anything into df B cancel… and even then I cant really get it well. Stick doesnt seem to have a prob, but on sbo3 finals vid, I swear one of the players missed a fireball motion… as well as a fancy jab xx sdm combo.

Yes, in supercancel mode any move marked with SC in the move list can be SC into DM or SDM, whereas most moves in general also can be cancelled into each other w/ the use of 1 stock.

lets all post in the bigger kof thread, yay! lol

from 2k2 who is better in NW? who was been toned down?

i heard choi is even better in NW… o_0

From what ive seen and I could be wrong, Joe and Kim got better.

Has neowave been relased for mame yet, or will it?

No, it will not since it (not suprisingly judging from the name) is based on Neowave hardware and not neo geo.

Dont expect Neowave-games to be brought to mame for a looong time.