The KOF NeoWave Thread

NeoWave hardware? WTF is this bullshit you ramble about?
NeoWave uses the Atomiswave hardware.

FYI, Young Geese’s Deadly Rave can be countered via a command throw, it has happened to me before…something to consider…the move isnt all invincible fellas!!!

Lol, before I go about testing this…tell me some details. Where did you catch Geese during the rave animation. What throw where you using and what were it’s properties (a “hit” throw or a normal unblockable command grab)?

hey does anyone wanna test something out for me? In Guard Break Mode, with Kyo, see if you can get any sort of meaningful juggle going off his guard break. I’d mess with it but I don’t have the game, but when I tried it I got his flame punch launcher to connect. I was just wondering if you could do any sort of cool rejuggles off of the guard breaks, besides just doing a super.

Goro’s throw Command grab stops Geese Deadly Rave COLD. Does anyone know how to setup that Angel glitch stuff?

How do I do the Tryy punch where you see him do the double punch and adds another. This other punch looks like then dodge punch from KOF 1995

D/f C,C.

in some game throws will snuff invincible frames.

so whats the word on rugal? i heard he’s be changed? i hope he’s useable like 98! :cool:

and… how do I get my hands on this game…??

Man RUGAL IS TOURNAMENT ELIGIBLE TOO!!! God hes been severely raped!! He does shit for damage, has super startup for Geno Cutter. he got raped even moreso than GEESE DID SERIOUSLY!!!:wow:

Does anyone know the EXACT TIMING FOR JUST DEFENSE?? (Its pretty damn strict…moreso than GAROU)

Also know another DIFFERING FACTOR IN THIS GAME-YOU CANNOT JD IN THE AIR!!! WTF??? Man it wouldve been great if you can…but JD alone adds replay value to this game…GOD IF ONLY IT HAD RECORD…GOD IF ONLY…I tell you…:badboy:

Can someone test to see if GenoCide Cutter beats out Geeses Deadly Rave?

EDIT: Geno Cutter still has invincibility frames and beats Deadly Rave.

All be damn I’m gonna keep this thread alive, if you guys would just experiment a little you would see this game has ALOT OF REPLAY VALUE…for the experts only that wish to master every little intrancy…
A little observation for you all

-Vanessas qcb+p move evades Young Geeses Sun Scorcher DP move.
-FYI, Geeses DP move is a one interval parry/JD.

EDIT-Heres the trick to JD-not just tapping back (duh) but hold it when you think its gonna hit you. You gotta be quick and fast to “Guard Cancel” because you cant just do a super after the JD immediately…takes practice to know the open window you get.

edit: aLSO, getting hit by Ioris Jump b+b crossover too much?? If you can anticipate it, ROLL, that is the ANTI-CROSSOVER.