The KOF nests saga (ps2 jap)


i received it from play-asia… i’m happy with that… it has 99evo,2k,2k1 and ,to my surprise, the original 99,2k,2k1 neogeo version
everything is unlocked: bosses,chars (kula on 2k, iori and kyo on 99evo) and strikers (99evo and 2k of course).
the only complaint is about the neogeo version of the games… the controls are like this:
and i’m not used to this setup, and it seems that i can’t configure the setup in those versions as i want!
The booklet is in japanese so i cant understand a damn thing…could u guys help me? is it even possibile to change the setup on the original version of the games?

overall the edition is great!


they should just release 94-xi on psn for $69.99… 5 bucks each for each until 2k1 then from 2k2 on 10 bucks each… practically the price of a new game… and make them all online playable with ggpo netcode… i buy it for sure… look at freaken capcom always finding new ways to entertain their fans and suck their money dry…


i got all the kof games on my ps2 so i dont care about a psn version :smiley:


Fixed for accuracy.


well it’s working isn’t it? mvsc2 sold like crazy on psn… snk could’ve given us old kofs or even lb2 with retouched sprites to hype it up and ggpo netcode for $10 and that would sell like crazy… sfhd:remix sold like crazy… but when snk chooses to try something similar they release kof99 straight from it’s ps1 version… with horrible load time between every round… i bought it but like come on …they would’ve sold over 100000 guaranteed if they released 98 or 2002 or xi with slightly retouched sprites just to hype it up for $10-15 or 98um for $15-20 with ggpo netcode… am i not right? snk needs better marketing plans…


retouched sprites look like shit


I really hope they bring it over to the Wii in North America. My PS3 isn’t b/c, and I haven’t owned a PS2 since 2006.