The KOF XIV General Discussion Thread 3.0 patch released!


So, a new ad has just being released in China to promote Destiny’s (the mobage) upcoming release that is a trip.

Video is still not on YT but it can be seen here or here:




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Please frisk me good, officer


this is a KOFXIV thread. do we really need to see that other game here


So what do you think is the reason behind SNK losing its strongholds (Latin America and East Asia) to Capcom and Namco?


This thread is fucking dead like the game, so any SNK related news are welcome.


Combobreaker was a lot of fun

EDIT: I fail to see how google trends out all the things correlates to how much a game is played in certain regions.


It’s not hard to see the connection. When ppl play a game they search for articles and videos related to said game. And whether you like it or not most of us use Google products for that purpose. Trends is just one of them.

In many regions it’s tottaly normal that the search queries of TK7/SFV are greater than those of KOFXIV. But it’s kinda strange that people in, say, Mexico are more interested to search for SF than to lookup XIV.


Not really. Unlike T7 or SFV, KOF doesn’t have DLC released at regular intervals and other than moments when patches drop, you only need to practice and for that you don’t need to use google for anything. Youtube and discord is where the bulk of info for the games from and those aren’t counted on google trends.

Anyways, have some cool Najd fanart.


Ha Youtube is taken into account. It even lets you filter the result by Youtube search/watch.

Edit: It’s okay for KOF to be beaten in tourney numbers by Tekken, GG, Melee, and various titles of Street Fighter, but to lose to DDR?! Unprecedented


I’ve been playing some of my backlog but I’ve been watching tourneys since the update (starting to practice again for EVO side tourney so I’m back).

While this game is still my favorite in the current generation of fighters, I get it that we aren’t on team popular. First the install base wasn’t super large due to bad first impressions leading to bad word of mouth from certain fgc crowds and it isn’t a super popular IP that could summon the casual crowd. Second many of the new players got scared off by “daunting” mechanics and the fact you need to learn three characters (really, it’s always been more about understanding mechanics first than learn your characters, which is why the top players have dominated from the word go). And lastly, The games meta is largely unmoved after the first balance patch. While we got new characters and some shuffling of the prior upper tiers the meta remains largely the same (plus Nadj and Heidern now), no one plummeted particularly far, no one saw a meteoric rise (I’d argue Shun ei went from mid to high and Antonov from low to upper mid, but I think those are the only exceptions, and Antonov is only personal opinion (and Alice doesn’t count since she was decent, just largely ignored, much like she’s been largely ignored even after people found her new tech)). There isn’t alot of new tech for the old characters and the new characters tech has been fairly quickly explored. After all that what else is there to do if your scene isn’t that strong? I’ll continue to enjoy this game, but as I only enter the majors nearby (Norcal, Socal, and EVO) I don’t have as large an amount to contribute as I’d like. But the FGC continues to move forward, rowing (largely) to the beat of Capcoms drum, although recently it seems that’s shifting over slightly towards Namco’s tunes.

EDIT: here’s some tech



just upped Alice’s guard crush. After looking it over, I got Alice to 100% guard crush for 1 meter, the damage of all the blocked special moves comes out to 66, that plus the 435 of the followup combo brings the damage to 501 for 2 meters (plus about 75% of a meter built back). The farthest from the corner I’ve gotten this to work is the center of the stage any farther back and you won’t push them to the corner for 4 hits on EX dive.


I think these are the reasons why kofxiv isn’t that popular.

-Graphically the game is unappealing. KOF sprites are charming, stylish and detailed. Kofxiv is graphically none of those things so a lot of its appeal isn’t there.

-The gameplay deviates too much from the classic kof forumula. Kofxiv’s gameplay comes off like a derivative of kof13’s gameplay which itself doesn’t really play like a kof game. SNK should have looked to kof games like kof97,kof98,kof2002 and the kof um series as sources of inspiration.

Kofxiv isn’t a bad game though, but I think these reasons are why kofxiv isn’t that pppular.



Najd needs a damage nerf. It’s way too damn good and her attacks MELT your health