The KOF XIV General Discussion Thread 3.0 patch released!


I prefer the japanese version.




Mui Mui leaked.


Someone shopped the 14 known characters on the selection screen and man, it looks depressingly empty.


The SNK Heroines roster is looking hella whack. Not to mention this is basically an asset dump from KOFXIV. So much for the game’s name

But at least you get to lewd all the waifus I guess


I am sorry, I know this is not the place but can somebody help me.
for years i’ve been try to learn how to do kof 02um max activation cancel, but failed.
i don’t know the timing or correct technique to do the run after the BC cancel. everytime its to late to combo into c.C or c.D w/e.


Have yo tried the srk wiki? I know of.someone in YouTube but it’s in Spanish.


yeah… already did that… but no mention about any tips to do the BC cancel run.
I still cannot find any english info about this…


A whole panel for Heroines at Japan Expo in July 5th.

Chances are, they will reveal Mui Mui and Terry there


Mui Mui officialy announced.




New screenshots:


KOF Destiny marathon with English subtitles and Japanese dub. Will be re-run two more times today. Come through


iirc KOF2002 days you just hold forward while hitting a normal then when you maxcancel you’d tap forward once to dash and confirm.

e.g. cC (while holding f), BD, f, cC,…etc. That’s most basic.

Needless to say if you can’t do the above combo then stay away from cute ideas. Max canceling from a crouching button, a light attack, or a command move which is executed holding anything other than forward is generally much harder to perform. In such cases there’s no helping it, you just need to input dashes like you normally would.

Linking two normals before a maxcancel, attempting to hop attack in between a combo, overlapping inputs during maxcancel,… Dreams are made of this stuff. Really, landing one of these is gratifying.

Such a combo system in a “modern” game will most definitely fend off newcomers, hence the folks at SNK implementing auto dash in KOFXIV, hence the low skill level needed to execute a combo, hence the combo fest, hence the deterioration of gameplay.


thank you very much gaagaa.
yeah, i didn’t even try to do the max cancel from light buttons. old kof forums and wiki said its harder to perform than heavy buttons so from the beginning i am just focusing on learning how to do it from C or c.C. :sweat_smile:

so far still failed to do it from c.C but i will not give up. thank you very much sir. :grin:

yeah, I don’t like it with what they did in kof13/14. I am suck at fighting games and having trouble even to perform basic combos but as spectator, systems and style they implement in 13/14 were not as good and intense as in 02/02UM. it also look slow and monotonous. but as kof fan, i still enjoy 13/14.

are you the same person with id “gaagaaclassic” at youtube btw?


So we’re doing previews for as many of the tournaments, including side tournaments for EVO. This includes KOFXIV hopefully. Now since the Chinese are apparently not joining, who do you guys think are the players to look out for this year?


Kouji Kog and Violent Kain



I’m still waiting for my Xanadu